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Essence Cosmetics- I love candies eyeshadow palette! 

Hi Guys, 

Lately I am obsessed with eyeshadow palettes. It all started with my curiosity over the Maybelline palettes. However, All the palettes I got had these pinks, nudes, earthy shades and I really wanted something a little more fun. That’s when I came across this product! 

It’s the part of “All About” series of eyeshadows by Essence cosmetics. They have palettes called, “All About Chocolates”, “All About Nude”, “All About Roses”, “All About Greys” and “All About Candies”. I think that’s all there is to this range, I’m not sure. So I picked the All About Candies eyeshadow palette, simply because it had shades different from the ones I already own.

When I ordered the palette, I knew that it was all pastels and that could turn out to be too light and ghostly on me. I went ahead and bought the palette anyway. I know now that I should have trusted my instinct! 

The shades are too Shimmery, Pale and Powdery! How much ever I tried to blend it in, it simply wouldn’t budge. If I use this palette alone to create an eyeshadow look, it simply makes me look grey and washed out! 

Another thing I noticed about these eyeshadows are, it transfers on to the brush pretty well but while applying onto the lids, it simply fell off! If I wanted to get any product onto my lids, I have to blend using my fingers only! đŸ˜Ĩ

However the palette is super budget friendly, it cost ₹ 399/- only! The shades are really pretty and the pigmentation is great. The shades kind of reminded me of the Moon child palette by Anastasia Beverly hills. That’s when it striked me that maybe I could work around with the lighter shades and use it as highlighter. The darker shades can be blended together with shades from the Maybelline palettes to create something fun! 

My final verdict- wouldn’t suggest this palette to anyone if you ask me! It’s not at all worth it, even for the low cost! 

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The Face Shop- Sheet masks!

Hi Friends,

Nykaa very recently added “The Face Shop” to the long list of brands that they sell on their online store! As an introductory offer, they offered “Buy 5 and Get 5” on the entire range on sheet masks. 

Since lately, Sheet masks are all the craze, I decided to cease the opportunity. 😁

The Face Shop has 3 range of sheet masks. 

First one is the “Real Nature” sheet masks. These are your usual nature inspired masks like strawberry, Aloe Vera, Blueberry, Avocado etc. There is seriously a wide range of these sheets and each one seems more interesting than the other! đŸ˜ŗ These sheet masks retail for 100/- Rs each

Second range of sheet masks are “The Solution” masks. These masks are supposedly enriched with nutrients and each mask is a solution to some of the common skin problems. There is smoothing, brightening, pore care, hydrating etc. As you can see in the cover picture, this is the range I chose to buy from. These masks retail for 150/- Rs each.

The third and final range of sheet masks are the “Bio-cell” range. These are very similar to “The Solutions” range and I seriously do not know what is difference except these masks retail for 300/-Rs each! I can only guess and I’m guessing these masks are meant for the aging skin. They have sheet masks for brightening, firming, moisturising, skin recovery etc. 

My Review-


  • Very calming and very relaxing 
  • Nice pleasant smell 
  • It’s surely not a miracle worker, but does its job to an extent! 
  • So fully loaded with the serum. 
  • Very very cost effective 
  • Spa day at home! 


  • Very thin sheet which gets a little messy while applying. 
  • Gave me a few temporary breakouts! 

My final verdict would be in favour of this product! Though I did breakout a little but and though I cannot be completely sure it was because of this mask, it’s just my instinct. Even so, I would completely recommend these masks. It left my skin very soft and supple and well-nourished! 

What kind of masks do you prefer? Lemme know!

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New Botanique Shampoo and Conditioner by Tresemme! 

Hey guys, 

I have been meaning to post out this review a long time back. I took a few pictures and drafted out a post and then forgot all about it! I am getting around to it only now and sorry for that! 😛

Anyway, today I’m gonna review these sweet little pieces of shampoo and conditioner! 

First of all, I’m a huge fan of tiny and cute version of any product. The packaging appeals to me just like bite size version of my favourite donuts! 😂

About a month back, I had to travel and so I went out to the store to buy shampoo and conditioner in travel friendly size. That’s when I noticed this new range of hair care products launched by Tresemme- The New Botanique range. Immediately I picked the small bottles from this range, chose the nourish and replenish type. I want to try out new products and they come in such cute packaging, what more can I ask for?! 😋

First and foremost, the aroma of these products. I have mentioned before that I choose my bath products mostly for their smell and less for their effect on my skin! That considered, the Botanique range simply won my heart! The smell is so tantalising and the best part is, it lingers on for a really long time after the hair wash! 

The aroma seems vaguely familiar but I can’t put my finger on it. All I can say is, it’s very pleasant and sweet and amazing. 

As for the effectiveness of the product, I actually have no complaints. 

  • The shampoo is very light and yet it foams up really well.
  • It cleanses the hair perfectly. 
  • Gives the hair a very shiny appearance.
  • I prefer the traditional shampoo followed by condition method and it works well for me! 
  • The conditioner is thick and soft and applies on very well. 
  • I know it’s repetitive but the aroma of these products is simply WOW! 

Like I said, I choose the smallest size of both the products. So the shampoo cost me 70/- Rs for 80ml of product and the conditioner cost 99/- Rs for 85ml of product. The Tresemme range of products are a little pricey compared to other brands like sunsilk, dove etc. However I have come to realise that the money spent is totally worth it! 

So that’s my review. Have you guys tried these yet? Do lemme know! 

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Replica cosmetics: colour-win haul!

Hi Friends! 

How are you all today? 

So some time back, I wrote a post on fake/ Replica Kylie lip vault (holiday edition). I compared the liquid lipsticks to a very authentic NYX liquid lipstick and explained why buying these fake products isn’t really worth it! You can find the post Here

However, there are a lot of online stores and sellers that are selling Replica cosmetics and it is really really tempting to actually go for it. I’m sure a lot of you guys feel the same way too. So this post is for all you guys who wanna know how you can satisfy your curiosity without hurting yourself in any way! 

I recently stumbled upon this amazing little online store called! 

Visit the site Here 

It is every girls dream store. They sell only Replica cosmetics which include brands like Kylie cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Huda beauty etc. They sell a range of products like compacts, foundation, eyeshadow palette, liquid lipsticks etc. Now here is the tricky part, they are equally risky to use and so it is absolutely your personal choice to take or leave my view! 😄

I ordered all sorts of stuff from this website so that I can give you guys a well informed advice! And honestly, the liquid lipsticks are no better in this store too. They are so thin, sticky and smell weird. What actually caught me by surprise was the eyeshadow palettes and highlighter kits! They are super pigmented and very very very similar top the original palettes! 

Here are a few palettes I ordered-

Beauty Killer eyeshadow palette by Jeffrey Star

Peach eyeshadow palette by Kylie cosmetics-

Glow Kit highlighter by Anastasia Beverly hills-

Nicole Guerriero Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills-

I was fairly impressed by the quality of these palettes, the pigmentation and how long they lasted! I wouldn’t know if it’s as good as the authentic ones as I have never tried them but they come pretty close to the quality of a decent drug store products! 

And the main thing about these products are, their use is very external! On the eye lids, on the cheeks or on the nose kinda products are different from on the lips kinda products! They are safer. So I think there is my curiosity quenched without having to sacrifice on my health or skin! 😋😋

What do you guys think of fake/Replica cosmetics? Let me know in the comments below! Do follow me on Instagram to stay with me through my day! 😁

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Faces Love-struck Collection: Nail Art made easy.

Hi Lovelies,

I love nail-art. Just like any other girl would but I have no time- at all!!! Its been about an year since I even painted my nails. So when I saw this Nail shade collection by Faces on the shelf, I pounced on it. I could surely take 5 mins out to simply paint my nails and that would be enough.

Isn’t this simply WOW!

Well, Here is the Faces Love-Struck Nail shades collection in Pictures.

Faces Love-struck Collection

The packaging is simply too cute and attractive. I fell in love with the shades at the very first look.

Faces Nail Lacquer

Be Mine, Day Dream and First Date

The shades are called Be Mine, Day Dream and First Date (sooooo romantic!). Be Mine is a nice tomato red shade and First Date is a very romantic pink shade. Day Dream is the game changer shade here, It makes the simple painting the nails look like an expensive Nail Art!


  • Well, the shades are well pigmented and one simple swipe would suffice.
  • The shades are super vibrant and cute.
  • Takes very less time to achieve a very perfect nail art.
  • very Budget friendly- 3 shades (6ml each) for 399/- Rs! 
  • Lastly, it can be played around with to achieve many varieties of nail art! As shown in pics on the pack itself.

So that’s my view guys. It’s very girly and cute, just like the way I love it! 

I have a few more pieces on cute, time saving nail art methods coming up guyz. So stay hitched to this space.

Love…… Kani…… 💖💝


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Lever Ayush- Natural Fairness Saffron Face Wash & Face Cream

Hi Friends,

I am usually set on my face care products (Most of the time!). I always prefer Ponds foaming facewash and Olay Fairness face cream. When Lever Ayush came up with all new range of products (soaps, face wash, face cream, shampoo, conditioner, tooth paste etc.), I was least attracted by it. As always, they claimed that their products are made purely out of ayurvedic ingredients.

Then it so happened that I was out of my face cream when i was travelling and Ayush was the cleanest looking product put up on the shelf there! So I picked the Natural Fairness Saffron Face Cream and I must say, I was so surprised by this product that right now, I am on my third tube! 🙂 And this surprising love towards the face cream inspired me to buy their Natural Fairness Saffron Face Wash as well. It is by far the first time that my risk has paid off well. 😛

Review on the Face Cream-

Once upon a time, very long long ago, I used to use the Fair & Lovely Ayurvedic Fairness cream. It was the only cream that kept my face moisturized without making it look bone dry and ghostly white! Over the years, My skin requirements changed with my living conditions and food habits. Olay face creams were the only ones that constantly agreed with my skin.

That is the main reason why I was so surprised with the Ayush Natural Fairness Saffron Face cream. It suits me so well and feels like a second skin. It is absolutely light and moisturizing, doesn’t make my skin patchy or oily and it is simply dream perfect. That and above all, it smells like cinnamon and clove (so ayurvedic right!).  The tube comes in 2 sizes and I got the smaller one, 50 gms of the product for 120/- Rs which is far far budget friendly compared to Olay products! 😛 😀

Moving on to the Ayush Natural Fairness Saffron Face Wash, This one was a very pleasant surprise as well. First of all, Its a foaming facewash as supposed to a gel facewash, which is bang on. It is a creamy perfection. Cleanses without drying out the skin. Also smells like cinnamon and clove. Its simply lovely and also costs way lesser than ponds, 105/- Rs for 80 gms of the product. 💖

As you can very well see in the picture, I’m loving the face wash a lot! 

So, I have been seriously surprised by these amazing products. Though I do not really know if I’ll try out other products from their range, The Natural Fairness Saffron range is truly amazing.

Kani’s view- Compared to a lot of budget friendly products put up on the shelf nowadays, Ayush Lever’s products are far better! So, I would say, Please give it a try. 

Love…. Kani….. 💖💝 

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Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick- Review

Hi Friends,

So, I am back with a review of a product that I am so obsessed with lately! It is the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks. I just got the 2 shades that attracted me the most, but their range of shades are simply unique and amazing. 

Maybelline Vivid Matte Lipsticks

I literally had to force down my hands and buy just the two. ☚ī¸ Well, these are the shades I chose, as always, a nude shade and a plum shade! 

05-Nude Flush and 45- Possessed Plum

Shall we jump into the review then? 

Maybelline is one brand that keeps striving at bringing up new and interesting products continuously. I was just falling in love with my Maybelline Bold Matte lipsticks and they hit me with the colour sensational velvet Matte liquid lipstick. I thought that was the most buttery soft lipsticks ever and then they go and introduce, The vivid Matte liquid lipsticks! 

These are simply gorgeous lipsticks, the best as of now! 


  • Very very creamy! Very very buttery! Applies like silk! 
  • Very pigmented and lasts for a long time. 
  • Smells like chocolate 
  • Packaging is sleek. Transparent rectangular tube with Matte black cover! 
  • They are creamy Matte so they do not dry out your lips. 
  • Range of shades is trendy and amazing 
  • I got them on 25% off so I paid like 29 AED (approx 550/-Rs). They retail for 39 AED. 
Swatches on my Palm


  • Took a little longer to dry up once applied. 
  • They are creamy Matte, not the powder Matte lipsticks that won’t budge! 
  • They transfer a little even after left to dry for a while. 
  • A little pricey if not for the discount 
  • I don’t think they are available in India yet! 

45- Possessed Plum
05- Nude Flush

I know I haven’t mastered swatching yet! They look so grumpy but that’s that. The shades are seen, right?! 😂

Even from the pictures itself you can tell how creamy velvety the lipstick is! It’s totally dreamy you guys. When I start to apply the product on my lips, I literally cannot stop! 😅

So that’s my review on the Maybelline vivid Matte liquid lipsticks! Have you guys tried them yet? 

Love…… Kani….. 💖💝

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Nykaa Shop n Dash haul…..

Hello people,

How are you all today? Hope all is well! 

I’m actually having a peachy day today. It’s my daughter’s first birthday! Even though I am being consumed by a butt load of nostalgia, self-Pity and the question,”How can it be an year already?!”…… 

Anyway, I shopped a few products during the Nykaa’s legendary ‘Shop n Dash’ sale. They come up with this every once in a while where there is up to 40% off on all products site wide. The exciting part about this sale is, the offer lasts for 24 hours only! 

I had been meaning to pick a new foundation from quite some time now. I was so pleased with the Maybelline Fit me foundation that I dint even notice I was running out of it. And I needed a new concealer as well. All that together with a few more impulse purchases! 😛

So, I have created a look using all the products I bought during the sale. 

Look at that glow! I’m simply loving it! So shall we get into my picks that created this glow? 

  • Maybelline Dream Satin Skin foundation with SPF 24. Contrary to the Fit Me foundation which is Matte, this one gives a silky and Dewy finish. It is a great product but I must admit that it is not suitable for the weather conditions here (the horrible humidity). I picked the shade 04- Pure beige. 
  • Essence Coverstick Concealer in the shade 04- True Nude. Until now I never really bought a concealer. This one simply too perfect. It looks and opens like a lipstick. Of course the best part is, it matches my skin like dream. But as you can see, I still haven’t used a lot of it. 

This one is by far my best buy in this haul! The Maybelline falsies push-up drama mascara. Maybelline has the option to choose between water proof and washable. I choose the washable type cuz I’m using mascara quite regularly. It’s truly a magic wand! 

How much ever I tried, I simply couldn’t checkout of the site without picking up a highlighter! 😅

I picked this Faces Ultimate Pro illuminating powder. Since the highlighter I already have is cream based, I was looking to get a powder based highlighter. Well what to say about this one?! The picture speaks for me. 

The last and final product-

A lipstick! Of course! I picked this lipstick from the Nykaa So Matte! Festive collection. I picked the shade 14M- California Merlot. It is a plum shade again, but I can’t have enough of maroons in my life! 👄 💋 

That ends my haul! 

And this ends my look! 😋😍😘

Love….. Kani….. 💝💖

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Hot to Trot by Colorpop

Hello People

The next product review from my Colorpop order is the Combo of Lippie Stix and their matching Lip Liners. It is such a cute little combo with the Lippie Stix on the one end and the matching Lip Liner on the other! Very handy and very easy to carry.

This combo is again sold for $18 (approx 1350/- Rs). The shades and the Swatches are below.

Cookie and Skimpy
Bound and Cami
Bossy and Trust me
Dukes and Chateau

Jumping into the Review-


  • This one is so obvious but look at how cool and innovative the product is. Lipstick at one end and the lip liner on the other end.
  • Very compact and very handy.
  • Twist and use!
  • Applies on dreamy creamy!
  • The shades included are versatile and amazing.
  • Pigmentation is Bang on and stays put for a long time. It gets completely opaque in one swipe! 


  • Dries completely matte- needs to be worn over a lip balm.
  • Becomes patchy if not applied right! 

This one is just too handy guys. Whenever I need to go out, I reach out to these lippies ever since they arrived! 

What do you guys think of colorpop’s lippie stix? Do lemme know! 

Love…… Kani…… 💝💖

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Fake/ Replica Cosmetics-What you need to know!

Hi Friends

This one was very long due. I wanted to write up on this topic since a very long time, considering how much fame these replica cosmetics have gained recently. It took me this long just because I did not want to base my post on assumptions and the stuff I read online. So I went ahead and ordered for a Fake Kylie Holiday Edition Lip Vault! I know I know, That is too much for just a trial sake thing. But I actually thought it would be better than how bad everybody claims it to be. Well, I was wrong!

Anyway, I am sure you all know about this Lip Vault. It is a set of 12 Matte liquid lipsticks by Kylie Cosmetics, Part of her Holiday collection (12 days of Christmas thingy!) Now I got this whole set of lipsticks for 1100/- Rs. (12 Full size lipsticks mind you!). The seller called it as “First Copy” and a “high quality dupe”. The actual retail price of this Lip Vault is $110 (close to 7500/- Rs) and that is excluding the customs!

This is the main reason why people get so attracted to Fake cosmetics (among other reasons), The very low Prices. The second reason would be the almost perfect packaging which makes it look like the Original ones.

Looks completely similar to the real deal and yet so horribly different! So here’s what I did, I picked a matte liquid lipstick from the NYX lip lingerie range, for comparison purposes. You guys can actually see the difference for yourselves! Even so, here’s what I found out.

In the following pics, Top one is NYX liquid lipstick and the bottom one is the fake Kylie Lipstick- I chose Poise K (Duh!!!)

  • OK. First of all, the colours are way off. Most of the colours in the fake lip vault seemed similar and repetitive. The colours were sheer and needed to be built on 4-5 times! By then they got really patchy and flaky.

  • After the first coat of the lipsticks. NYX applied smoothly and dried up almost instantly. But the Fake Kylie Lipstick was so thin and watery, it took forever to dry! Even after it dried, it dried up so patchy and lumpy.


  • The NYX lipstick did not transfer at all. But the Fake Kylie Lipstick literally stuck to my arms.


  • After a little while, the NYX lipstick remained dry and perfect. The fake Kylie Lipstick however started to stick my lips together! It is so damn horrible.


  • When I tried removing the lipstick off, the NYX lipstick wouldn’t come off easily. It took 3-4 swipes but the lipstick came off smoothly and gradually. But the Fake Kylie Lipstick came off like how a Fake tattoo would come off. That’s the only way I can explain it as. It came off in patches like a paint peeling off from the wall.

Seriously guys, it is absolutely not worth it. Buying a Fake/ Replica cosmetic just because it looks so much like the real one. I know that not all of us can afford the Real ones but would love to be a part of all the hype and attention it is getting. But what are we loosing in order to get in on the race, that’s what matters.

The horrible smell, the texture, the way it dried on the lips, the way it came off, everything was bad. I couldn’t get over this feeling like I was wearing poison on my lips. I’m sure some people may have had a better experience with a Fake cosmetic but I’m surely not one of them.

Well, of course it is just a one person’s point of view. What do you guys think of it? Do let me know.

Love….. KANI…. 😘