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She was such a spoilt girl! 

She always wore tees and jeans 

Didn’t even know to drape a saree 

And that kept him so worried!

She didn’t even know how to cook 

she did learn to do so, quickly 

But kept saying he had to help! 

And that kept him irritated!

She used to be so pampered.

She wanted him to buy her gifts,

Even before she asked for it! 

And that kept him frustrated! 

She is well-educated 

Used to be so career oriented, 

Said she loved to earn some money just for herself! 

And that made him feel very unsettled!

She used to have opinions, 

She used to help him take decisions, 

She used to try solving his problems, 

She used to try teaching him things! 

But all that’s changed, 

And now he is very happy.

Now ‘THEY’ are very happy!

The shadow of a women living with him now,

Is completely of his making! 

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The Butter Thief.

She always hung the pot of butter,

Low enough for him to reach,

“Oh Krishna, you little thief!”

She smiled to herself.

 She never understood this deal,

How is it that whenever he steals,

The pot of butter never empties out,

Instead, Her harvest keeps increasing everyday!

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She carried a pot of water,

Walking home, Eyes on ground.

He threw a piece of gravel,

At her pot, It hit her heart!

Oh mischievous Krishna!

Freed her of her burden,

Washed off all her sins,

Broke all her shackles down

and Set her Free!

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Bowl of Sugar.

She put the unopened packet of sugar back in the box. 

She smiled to herself as she walked to her neighbour’s home,

With a small container in her hand, she knocked.

“Can I have some sugar please? We just moved in and I haven’t unboxed!”

“No problem!” Said the women. “Please come in!”

And thus started a new friendship in her new neighbourhood! 

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Do not blow out candle,
For you represent my Strength.

Do not blow out candle,
For you represent my hope.

Do not blow out candle,
For you represent my dreams!

Defy those winds for me,
Weather this storm with me,

Twinkle through this darkness,
and Fill my life with Light!

“This too shall pass”, I know,
Just be my company until then.

Do not blow out candle,
For you represent the Better days to come!

P.S. Postpartum Depression is a real thing and a lot of women suffer with it silently! Motherhood is very amazing, but when a women goes through it, she undergoes a lot of changes physically, mentally and emotionally! This is a shout out to all those Women who are dealing with these changes- “YOU ARE NOT ALONE!”


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Comparison between two unequals! 

Look at Gold! 

She glows like the sun,

She is so Beautiful! 

What are you, next to her?

Said Platinum to his son! 
Look at Peacock! 

She looks like an angel, 

She dances like the breeze! 

And here you are, so talentless! 

Said Cuckoo to her daughter! 
Look at those Grass, Over at that lawn!

They look so fresh and green! 

Can you look more like them?

Said the Basil plant to her sister! 
Diamond is being compared with coal, 

Now how can that be right? 

If moon wanted to be more like sun, 

Who will light up the deep dark night? 

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My angel turns one! 👼

The test results showed positive,

There could be no better news! 

First time I heard your tiny heart flutter, 

There could be no better music! 

First time I felt you move inside me, 

There could be no better sensation! 

I gave birth to you and however painful that was, 

There could be no better experience!

I stayed awake through nights together, 

There could be no better sacrifice! 

I watched you stretch and smile in your sleep, 

There could be no better sight! 

I cried the first time you said “Amma”,

There could be no better feeling! 

I ran around the home trying to make sure you are safe, 

There could be no better exercise! 

My sweet baby girl, you grew up soon! 

Today you turn one, 

And I already miss that tiny little bundle,

The first time I looked at you and you looked at me,

I realised what people meant by ‘love at first sight!’

Wish you a very happy birthday my darling,

The love of my heart, 

The light of my life!

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To those girls 

Who pushed me down in the classroom

And dragged me out by my hands 

Left me at the door 

Ashamed and heart broken! 

To that gang of students

Who laughed at me and called me names

Just because I was dark-skinned

Whenever I walked by,

Head hung low, heart beating loud! 

To that boy 

Who started to cry and create a scene 

Just because he was made to sit next to me 

Whole class laughed, but at me!

I sat there, face hot, eyes red! 

To that boy 

Who said I was so ugly that,

If he saw me suddenly, 

He would die of heart-attack!

I expected that trip would be better,

But yet again I was fooled!

To all those people 

Who undermined my confidence! 

To all those people 

Who kept me weak and afraid! 

To all those people 

Who made me feel miserable!

To all those people 

Who made me feel unworthy!
P.S. In India, Bullying in schools is not given much attention. Many parents have no clue that their children are being bullied. Cuz it does not harm the children physically. But mental and emotional Bullying is just as bad, especially at that age! 

So this poem is for all the parents out there. Raise your children right! And pay attention to your children, A lot of attention! What happens now, shapes the person they are going to turn out to be in future!

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The moment I was born,
All our relatives Taunted you,
“It is a GIRL! And look at how dark she is!”
“How will you find her a suitable groom?”

You kept your patience and smiled,
“She is my daughter, She looks like me!
She will grow up well,
she will make me proud one day!” You said.

The taunts did not stop there!
But you never let me know of it.
You fought all of my fights for me,
Against this chauvinist society and its views,
You raised me into a bold and confident girl!

Society said, “She has studied enough!”
But You Let me choose my own career path.
Society said, “Get her married off right away!”
But You encouraged me to find a job.
Society said, “Don’t ask for her views, she is a girl!”
But You never decided for me without my consent.

You gave me everything I asked for,
And lot more that I Did not even think of.
You gave the courage,
You gave me the strength.
You have raised me right,
Ready to face this world,
Knowing it for what it is!

Maybe for that very reason,
When the doctor said to me, “It’s a girl!”
I smiled and said, “Thankyou God!”
Because I know that I Can raise her well too,
Just like you did me!

P.S. Even Today, Having a girl Baby is frowned upon in many parts of India. For this very reason Sex determination of the baby is Banned! I found out I had a girl baby only when she was born!!! It was surely a very suspenseful and exciting experience for us. 🙂