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Organising cosmetics!

Hi Guys, 

Anyone who knows me even a little bit will know that I’m a very lazy and messy person! I hate organising stuff just because it won’t stay organised for more than a day. By then I will need something and will not be able to find it and then the whole well-organised shelf will be messed up until I find what I’m looking for! πŸ˜‚

But when it comes to my makeup, I’m a little obsessive over it being all arranged up and nice! I keep it well organised and clean and easily accessible. In this post I’m about to share a few of those types and tricks with you guys!

P.S. that cover photo is just a random picture! That’s not my closet, though I wish it was! 😍😍

My eyeshadow palettes! 

I put them in these rectangular plastic drawer separators. It perfectly holds all of my eyeshadows as of now except for a few mono eyeshadows! 

Foundations, blush, highlighter and everything related to face! 

In another drawer separator. I had to squeeze in a few stuff but it works just fine! 

My lipsticks and lipgloss-

I found this cute little 3-tier storage box online in flipkart I suppose, I can’t remember. It was a long time back! I use this to arrange all of my lipsticks and liquid lipsticks and lip glosses.

Isn’t that cute?!

My kajal, mascara etc.

I simply used an empty Ice-cream tub for this! 

Nail polish and all the other stuff! 

I got this large transparent bag from “day 2 day”, Dubai! It came with two smaller cosmetic pouches inside. This is the most perfect purchase I have ever made! I have been carrying it whenever I’m traveling ever since I bought it. When I’m not traveling, I through in all the extra stuff like new blending sponge and other makeup tools. Inside one of the pouches, I have put in all my nail polishes and the remover. Another pouch is filled with my mono eyeshadows and gel liners and stuff like that! 

Finally I put them all on this 4 tier plastic shelf thingy! It is very handy! It can be detached and carried around very easily. I have around 3 such shelves which I have carried around ever since my hostel days! 😍😍

So that’s how I have organised my makeup! How do you guys do it? Share some pics! πŸ˜ƒ

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Confession Sunday #5- The octopus hair!Β 

Hey Friends! 

I know I’m a day late, but we had some issues with the internet! So here I am with this week’s Confession. This one is more like a tip or hack than a confession. It is how I can guarantee a long, healthy and well nourished hair! “The Octopus Hair” πŸ˜‚

Once in a month, I make time to give my hair the care it so deserves. Since I am residing in a place where the weather conditions and water is so adverse, I have to follow this through if I want to maintain healthy hair. 

So what I do is, I take small portions of my hair just like the way we do while straightening or curling. I comb it out to remove any knots and then apply coconut oil to that section thoroughly. I then braid it (roughly) before I move to the next section. I continue to do this until all my hair is divided into about 8-9 braids! It looks really funny, believe me! Then I lightly tug at the braids, one by one, to improve blood circulation to the roots. This helps in the growth of your hair. I sleep on it so that the oil works it’s wonder all through the night before I wash it off the next morning! 

Why this method instead of the regular oiling of your hair? 

Simple- it is a guarantee that each and every hair is completely covered. Coconut oil has lot of amazing advantages and is very important for your hair. I know it’s too tedious a job and who has the time! But personally, it has been helping me a lot. 

Try this one out and do let me know how it worked out for you! 😊

Love….. Kani…. πŸ’–πŸ’

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Lipstick Hack- Soft Gradient lips

Hi Friends,

I bought a really bright shade of lipstick as I wanted to wear it during my cousin’s marriage! Since it was the wedding season and all that, I went out and shelled a lot of money on this lipstick too! Well, I bought the MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Dance With Me. Now that was about 6 months back and currently that lipstick is sitting untouched in my box. Whenever I get ready for a supermarket run or just a day out with my baby, I pick this lipstick and then decide that it’s too catchy and I drop it back down! Has this happened to any of you guys?

If it has then I have found a solution for you all! Gradient lipstick is gaining so much attention these days so I thought I’ll give it a try. That’s when this hack stricked me! When you pick a lipstick for everyday use, we usually see to it that it’s a little moisturising and the colour is subtle yet prominent.

So I took my MAC Lipstick and my Body Shop lip butter. I slathered my lips with the lip butter and then applied the Lipstick on the other part of my lips, carefully lining my lips!

I then pressed my lips together and gently blended in the lipstick all over my lips! I also pressed it in a little bit with my fingers! Finally, voila!

You can see the difference in this pic below!

Left side- whole lips with the lipstick. It is amazing and bright and so well suited for occasions and parties! 😍

Right side- the gradient every day look created with the same lipstick. You can use it everyday and for any look! πŸ’–

Do lemme know what you think of this technique! Or do you have any other hack?

Love….. Kani…..

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Lets Take Time Out Mommies!!!

Hi Friends

As I have mentioned before, I am a proud mother of a 10-month-old baby girl. It’s true that she fulfills my life and all that, but being a mother is very hard! I have zero privacy and the β€œME TIME” has become almost negligible. The first 6- months was the hardest as she needed constant nursing and attention. It was so tiring that whenever she slept, I too slept with her! Now it is a little better as I can get some of my work done when she is sleeping. That said, I want to share with you all, how we mommies can make the best of the little time that we get!!!

Face Masks and Scented Candles!!! ❀

I am sharing this hack at the very beginning just because it’s my most favourite way to relax. When my baby takes her day-time nap, I simply close all the shutters and light up a few scented candles. I then wash my face and towel dry it, choose a sheet face mask according to my mood (will be covering about the masks in my next post). I then place it on my face and simply lay down on my bed and relax!!! The mask feels so cool and soothing against my skin while it does its job. After 20 mins (I set an alarm of course! So that I don’t fall asleep with the mask on) I gently remove the mask, massage my face to make most use of the material in the mask and then wash my face. Now, Who said you cannot give much attention to your skin when you have a baby on your hands?!

Cook a nice meal for yourself.

Oh I don’t mean the usual Idly- Sambar and Rice (Indian Dishes!!!) that you cook for the whole family! I mean something that you love, Make it just for yourself and have it! For those who prefer to order in their favorite food, that is your choice. But I have found cooking to be very therapeutic (It may be the food that is therapeutic!). My favorite feel good food is Mac and Cheese! And since I am breastfeeding, I don’t have to worry about dieting and losing weight just yet! (HA HA HA!)

Movie and Mocktail Time.

I am breastfeeding and that means- No Cocktails yet! *Sniff* *Sniff* But Mocktails are good enough for me. Again, My go to favourite is Pinacolada. I make it in the most simplest way- Just mix a small carton of pineapple juice and a cup of canned coconut milk and some sugar. I blend it in a blender to make the Mocktail creamier! TADAAAAA. Virgin Pinacolada Ready! About a jug of that and my favourite movie (or a TV Series (FRIENDS!)) on my laptop, It is a PARTYYYY.

Call That Friend

Ever since my baby, I have been so busy with her that sometimes I feel so cut off from the outside world. I swear to you all, I came out of the delivery room with my daughter and I see that world has shifted from Instagram to Snapchat! I still don’t have the slightest idea about what Snapchat is or How it is used, YET!!! (Well, I dont know anything about twitter or pinterest either!) That said, Whenever I get some free time, I just call up a friend (whoever is free!) and have a chat with them. It is very relieving to talk to someone other than my baby and her toys!

Good Old Long Walks, Silent Parks, Listen to Music Kinda stuff!Β 

Seriously, It works its wonder all the time. But of course, there should be someone available at home to keep an eye on your kid even if he/she is sleeping. I prefer this method when my hubby is home or whenever I have some help. I just put on my IPod and go for a small walk. Or I like to simply lay down in my room, listening to music, Lost in thought. Another best option for me is to find a silent, cozy little place (like a coffee joint) where I can sit and read a book.

So, these are just a few ways to make the best use of the very little time you get when your little angel decides to let you free!

What do you do when you have the time? (Apart from sleeping I mean! J)

Share in the comments below for all the mommies to read!

Love…………… Kani……………