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Fancy breakfast at home!

Hello Friends, 

Eating at home may not be luxurious and sophisticated as eating at some posh restaurant. Come on, who has the time to make the food look all that fancy. Just cook it in some vessel, throw it on to a plate and eat it! Honestly, Most of the times I don’t even have the time or patience to find a plate. I eat it directly from the vessel in a hurry and run to my kid! 

But say whatever you may, home food is always more simpler, healthier and cheaper option. All you have to do is, go through the little trouble of cooking it right and presenting it nicely on a plate! Like so-

This is my usual breakfast. 

  • 3 pieces of toasted bread (wheat or multi-grain type)
  • Or cereals in milk (no sugar)
  • 1 or 2 eggs (boiled, scrambled, poached or omlet)
  • 1 fruit (preferably mango or banana)

I usually don’t have the time to arrange the food that nicely on a plate. I have to gobble it all down right off the pan! 

But just look at what a difference it can make once I took some time out. Put them down nicely on a plate. And TADAAAAAA. Look like some fancy brunch served in some fancy restaurant. 

On This plate I’ve got-

  1. 3 slices Toasted brown bread
  2. 1 omlet
  3. 1 mango sliced 

I always have my bread with some Garlic Mayo (my absolute favourite) or chilli cheese spread. 

On this plate-

  1. Choco loops and muesli in milk 
  2. 1 fried egg
  3. 1 Banana sliced

Making such a simple menu into a fancy breakfast felt amazing. That and a cup of coffee, best breakfast I had in a long time. And all that at the comfort of my home! 🌞🌞

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Cravings of a Sweet-Tooth!

Hi guyz,

Back to share another one of my favourite food experimentation with you guyz. I love sweet food, a lot. Its the only thing that will lift my mood, anytime and anywhere.

Lately, I am kinda going back to basics with food. To the times when things were simple and sweet, like vanilla ice-cream!

Its summer and that essentially means its Mango season. I love mangoes and since its available for just 3 to 4 months in an year, I try to make most out of these months! That means, Mangoes for breakfast-Lunch-snack-dinner! Mix that with the vanilla ice-cream and its the most yummiest delicious food that can lift up any mood!

Now for the next option, Its very famous and I am sure everyone has tried this at least once in their lives. Brownie with ice-cream. Its my go-to food when I am in a bad mood and craving something real sweet. Well I do not know to bake, so I simply order in a few chocolate brownies. I warm them up a little bit and then scoop out a generous amount of vanilla ice-cream on top of it. Dig into it right away cuz the hot and cold combination feels so good in the mouth!!! Its absolutely heavenly!!!

So that’s all for this post. What is your go-to food when you crave for something sweet? Let me know!

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Healthy Sandwich spreads!

Hi Guyz,

I love to experiment when it comes to food. I like to find some healthy replacements for some unhealthy foods that I cannot live without! I wanted to share one such findings. 

Healthy spreads for sandwiches. Now I have three yummy options for this! and guyz, I chose a normal sandwich bread but for much healthier option, do go for brown bread or multi-grain bread.

  1. Spicy Potato spread- for spice-lovers!
    Take some boiled potatoes, Add some salt and curry powder, a splash of milk and blend it until its all mashed and creamy. For people who like it really spicy, you can add some chilly flakes before blending!
  2. Sweet potato spread- mildly sweet:
    I fall in this group, I love my sandwich spread to be mildly sweet. So if you are like me, then simply replace potatoes with sweet-potatoes. I add a pinch of salt as well as a little bit sugar. Blend this until its all creamy and done!!!
  3. Banana spread- for Sweet tooths:
    Now this option is for those people who like it all sweet. Take a few bananas, Pressure cook them for 5 to 7 minutes (with the peel). Now peel the bananas, add some milk and sugar (optional) and blend it completely.

There you go guyz. I know that a few of these options are already out there. Well, I still felt like I should share it with you all. πŸ™‚

The best part about these spreads are, they are natural, home-made and healthy. You can splash more than a generous amount of it on your bread and not have a single care in the world!

Try it out and let me know!!!!!

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House #22- CafΓ©, St. Thomas Mount!

Hi Friends,

Ever since I moved to Chennai, I couldn’t wait to start exploring the place to find some good restaurants and cafΓ©s! Thanks to Zomato India, I was able to find a lot of places to visit near by. This one though, simply jumped out of the list especially due to its unique and quirky name!

So the first chance we got, my hubby and I ended up here!

I won’t lie, Seriously my first thought was, “Are you telling me this isn’t a haunted house?”

Keeping in mind that it is supposed to be vintage and rustic according to the theme, but as soon as we entered we were welcomed by a mild stench! We then had to shift my gour seats and it was OK!

The dΓ©cor was really beautiful considering the theme again! Vintage photo frames and huge mirrors were all over the place. The table and chairs too were quite ornate and beautiful!

The menu was not at all in par with the place and theme! There were French fries and pizzas and burgers! I would have expected more of coffees and cookies and snacks!

Anyway, we decided to try the chicken lasagne which wasn’t nice at all! Just 2 sheets of pasta stuffed with a lot of minced chicken. No cheese, no sauce, no flavours! It was very dry and blatant. The only flavour was from the barbeque sauce on the top layer which was completely off the place! The drinks we ordered were pretty ok. Hazelnut cold coffee and a lemonade! But it’s still quite pricey!

The place is kind of very quite and serene (or it was when we visited). I did not get any romantic vibes from the place except for the silence! It wasn’t really cozy or intimate! But it’s very spacious and the couches and chairs are very comfy. I felt like it’s well suited for book lovers, writers, bloggers, work from home opters and brooding poets!

Kani’s view- This cafe can be visited purely to enjoy it’s calmness and serene atmosphere. The vintage setting is like a studio for selfie lovers! It’s OK for a one time wish list visit!Β 

Love…… Kani….. πŸ’–πŸ’