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Fancy breakfast at home!

Hello Friends, 

Eating at home may not be luxurious and sophisticated as eating at some posh restaurant. Come on, who has the time to make the food look all that fancy. Just cook it in some vessel, throw it on to a plate and eat it! Honestly, Most of the times I don’t even have the time or patience to find a plate. I eat it directly from the vessel in a hurry and run to my kid! 

But say whatever you may, home food is always more simpler, healthier and cheaper option. All you have to do is, go through the little trouble of cooking it right and presenting it nicely on a plate! Like so-

This is my usual breakfast. 

  • 3 pieces of toasted bread (wheat or multi-grain type)
  • Or cereals in milk (no sugar)
  • 1 or 2 eggs (boiled, scrambled, poached or omlet)
  • 1 fruit (preferably mango or banana)

I usually don’t have the time to arrange the food that nicely on a plate. I have to gobble it all down right off the pan! 

But just look at what a difference it can make once I took some time out. Put them down nicely on a plate. And TADAAAAAA. Look like some fancy brunch served in some fancy restaurant. 

On This plate I’ve got-

  1. 3 slices Toasted brown bread
  2. 1 omlet
  3. 1 mango sliced 

I always have my bread with some Garlic Mayo (my absolute favourite) or chilli cheese spread. 

On this plate-

  1. Choco loops and muesli in milk 
  2. 1 fried egg
  3. 1 Banana sliced

Making such a simple menu into a fancy breakfast felt amazing. That and a cup of coffee, best breakfast I had in a long time. And all that at the comfort of my home! 🌞🌞

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Organising cosmetics!

Hi Guys, 

Anyone who knows me even a little bit will know that I’m a very lazy and messy person! I hate organising stuff just because it won’t stay organised for more than a day. By then I will need something and will not be able to find it and then the whole well-organised shelf will be messed up until I find what I’m looking for! 😂

But when it comes to my makeup, I’m a little obsessive over it being all arranged up and nice! I keep it well organised and clean and easily accessible. In this post I’m about to share a few of those types and tricks with you guys!

P.S. that cover photo is just a random picture! That’s not my closet, though I wish it was! 😍😍

My eyeshadow palettes! 

I put them in these rectangular plastic drawer separators. It perfectly holds all of my eyeshadows as of now except for a few mono eyeshadows! 

Foundations, blush, highlighter and everything related to face! 

In another drawer separator. I had to squeeze in a few stuff but it works just fine! 

My lipsticks and lipgloss-

I found this cute little 3-tier storage box online in flipkart I suppose, I can’t remember. It was a long time back! I use this to arrange all of my lipsticks and liquid lipsticks and lip glosses.

Isn’t that cute?!

My kajal, mascara etc.

I simply used an empty Ice-cream tub for this! 

Nail polish and all the other stuff! 

I got this large transparent bag from “day 2 day”, Dubai! It came with two smaller cosmetic pouches inside. This is the most perfect purchase I have ever made! I have been carrying it whenever I’m traveling ever since I bought it. When I’m not traveling, I through in all the extra stuff like new blending sponge and other makeup tools. Inside one of the pouches, I have put in all my nail polishes and the remover. Another pouch is filled with my mono eyeshadows and gel liners and stuff like that! 

Finally I put them all on this 4 tier plastic shelf thingy! It is very handy! It can be detached and carried around very easily. I have around 3 such shelves which I have carried around ever since my hostel days! 😍😍

So that’s how I have organised my makeup! How do you guys do it? Share some pics! 😃

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Cravings of a Sweet-Tooth!

Hi guyz,

Back to share another one of my favourite food experimentation with you guyz. I love sweet food, a lot. Its the only thing that will lift my mood, anytime and anywhere.

Lately, I am kinda going back to basics with food. To the times when things were simple and sweet, like vanilla ice-cream!

Its summer and that essentially means its Mango season. I love mangoes and since its available for just 3 to 4 months in an year, I try to make most out of these months! That means, Mangoes for breakfast-Lunch-snack-dinner! Mix that with the vanilla ice-cream and its the most yummiest delicious food that can lift up any mood!

Now for the next option, Its very famous and I am sure everyone has tried this at least once in their lives. Brownie with ice-cream. Its my go-to food when I am in a bad mood and craving something real sweet. Well I do not know to bake, so I simply order in a few chocolate brownies. I warm them up a little bit and then scoop out a generous amount of vanilla ice-cream on top of it. Dig into it right away cuz the hot and cold combination feels so good in the mouth!!! Its absolutely heavenly!!!

So that’s all for this post. What is your go-to food when you crave for something sweet? Let me know!

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Confessions Sunday #10- The Final List

Hi Guys, 

Another Sunday and another confession time but I must say, this is gonna be the last post on this series guys. It’s just not fun anymore! So, I thought this time, I will do this list of my likes and favorites and stuff! 

Interested? Intrigued? Read on-

My favorites:

  1. Favourite movie (Hollywood)– Harry Potter series! 
  2. Favourite movie (Indian)– Queen 
  3. Favourite Musician– A.R. Rehman
  4. Favourite singer– S.P. Balasubramaniam
  5. Favourite T.V. Series– F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  6. Current favourite series– Good Witch, Fuller house, Modern Family 
  7. Current favourite series (Indian)– Mahabharata on Star Plus
  8. Favourite Actor- Gerard Butler and Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor
  9. Favourite Actress- Ann Hathaway and Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra
  10. Currently watching- Victorious! 😂

Other favorites:

  1. Favourite author- J.K. Rowling and Stephen King 
  2. Favourite YouTuber– Kaushal Beauty and IISuperwomenII 😍😍
  3. Just subscribed on YouTube– Vidhya Vox! 👍👍👍
  4. Favourite instagrammer- beautybyhayley365
  5. Favourite fashion app– Roposo 

All about me:

  1. Me in one word– Foodie! 
  2. Best known for– my advices and helping friends around tough spots! 
  3. Strangers think– I am rude and unfriendly 
  4. Friends think – I’m honest and stubborn 
  5. My best trait– very trusting 
  6. My worst trait– Mood swings 
  7. I can’t live without– Music and Books 
  8. My take on life– Time heals all wounds! Until then live life with patience and courage! 
  9. My ambitions- Not much now. I used to be very ambitious. But I would still love to travel all around the world! 
  10. Word of wisdom- People think Love is the most important thing in this world. I beg to differ. The most important thing in this world is RESPECT! Even if you feel like you are loved by someone, if you aren’t respected by them, get out of there! Because, love is superficial-it fades! 

So that’s all I can think of sharing at this moment guys! This will say everything about me and the type of person I am. Hope you have gotten to know me a little better! 

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Healthy Sandwich spreads!

Hi Guyz,

I love to experiment when it comes to food. I like to find some healthy replacements for some unhealthy foods that I cannot live without! I wanted to share one such findings. 

Healthy spreads for sandwiches. Now I have three yummy options for this! and guyz, I chose a normal sandwich bread but for much healthier option, do go for brown bread or multi-grain bread.

  1. Spicy Potato spread- for spice-lovers!
    Take some boiled potatoes, Add some salt and curry powder, a splash of milk and blend it until its all mashed and creamy. For people who like it really spicy, you can add some chilly flakes before blending!
  2. Sweet potato spread- mildly sweet:
    I fall in this group, I love my sandwich spread to be mildly sweet. So if you are like me, then simply replace potatoes with sweet-potatoes. I add a pinch of salt as well as a little bit sugar. Blend this until its all creamy and done!!!
  3. Banana spread- for Sweet tooths:
    Now this option is for those people who like it all sweet. Take a few bananas, Pressure cook them for 5 to 7 minutes (with the peel). Now peel the bananas, add some milk and sugar (optional) and blend it completely.

There you go guyz. I know that a few of these options are already out there. Well, I still felt like I should share it with you all. 🙂

The best part about these spreads are, they are natural, home-made and healthy. You can splash more than a generous amount of it on your bread and not have a single care in the world!

Try it out and let me know!!!!!

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Confession Sunday #9- Good Witch!

“There is a little magic in everyone!”

Hi friends! 

This one is going to be very short. So my confession for this Sunday is that, I’m very very busy watching the Good Witch on Netflix! 

I am loving it! It’s such a feel good series. I have a constant smile on my face the whole time I’m watching! When an episode ends,  only then I realise that I have been smiling the whole time and that my jaws are aching! 😝😍

It’s simply too beautiful. I really wish I had such beautiful gifts! 

Anyway, no spoilers. Do watch it all of you! And let me know of other shows and movies on Netflix that’s nice! 😃

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Replica cosmetics: colour-win haul!

Hi Friends! 

How are you all today? 

So some time back, I wrote a post on fake/ Replica Kylie lip vault (holiday edition). I compared the liquid lipsticks to a very authentic NYX liquid lipstick and explained why buying these fake products isn’t really worth it! You can find the post Here

However, there are a lot of online stores and sellers that are selling Replica cosmetics and it is really really tempting to actually go for it. I’m sure a lot of you guys feel the same way too. So this post is for all you guys who wanna know how you can satisfy your curiosity without hurting yourself in any way! 

I recently stumbled upon this amazing little online store called! 

Visit the site Here 

It is every girls dream store. They sell only Replica cosmetics which include brands like Kylie cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Huda beauty etc. They sell a range of products like compacts, foundation, eyeshadow palette, liquid lipsticks etc. Now here is the tricky part, they are equally risky to use and so it is absolutely your personal choice to take or leave my view! 😄

I ordered all sorts of stuff from this website so that I can give you guys a well informed advice! And honestly, the liquid lipsticks are no better in this store too. They are so thin, sticky and smell weird. What actually caught me by surprise was the eyeshadow palettes and highlighter kits! They are super pigmented and very very very similar top the original palettes! 

Here are a few palettes I ordered-

Beauty Killer eyeshadow palette by Jeffrey Star

Peach eyeshadow palette by Kylie cosmetics-

Glow Kit highlighter by Anastasia Beverly hills-

Nicole Guerriero Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills-

I was fairly impressed by the quality of these palettes, the pigmentation and how long they lasted! I wouldn’t know if it’s as good as the authentic ones as I have never tried them but they come pretty close to the quality of a decent drug store products! 

And the main thing about these products are, their use is very external! On the eye lids, on the cheeks or on the nose kinda products are different from on the lips kinda products! They are safer. So I think there is my curiosity quenched without having to sacrifice on my health or skin! 😋😋

What do you guys think of fake/Replica cosmetics? Let me know in the comments below! Do follow me on Instagram to stay with me through my day! 😁

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Confession Sunday #8- Lonely in a crowd!

Hi Guys 

Today’s confession…  Hmmmm…..

So after over 2 years, I decided to get out of the home, alone! Go to a mall nearby, get some facial, Mani-pedi, have a quite lunch and relax over a cup of coffee. I used to do it all the time but ever since my baby, I couldn’t take the time out. My hubby said he would take care of kayal. After a lot of hesitation, I simply put on a dress and got out thinking I needed this a lot! So I headed to the Phoenix marketcity mall, Chennai! 

OK, right here lemme tell you all one thing! If you want to have a nice and peaceful outing then don’t go to a mall especially on a Sunday! I thought going early would help me to get ahead of the crowd but no. It Seems like the whole of Chennai thought just like me! 

Thank God, I got an appointment quickly at the Naturals Salon and spa. That was the only good thing about the day. I got a nice relaxing facial done. By the time I got out of the salon, while mall had become like a zoo. People everywhere- walking, talking, laughing, window shopping, sitting where ever they got a little space! Children running all over the place! I started to feel so claustrophobic! 

Even so, I thought I should at least have a quick lunch before I leave. So I headed to the Burger King stall, stood in the queue for like a decade and finally got a burger and a mango milkshake. With the tray in my hands, I was searching for a table to sit at and couldn’t find even a single chair free! Even the chairs that looked empty were pre-booked with purses, hand bags and shopping bags! I had to share a table with a couple and it felt so awkward and lonely that I finished my burger quickly and left from there! 

My last and final resort was a cafe. I hoped that not many people would wanna have a coffee at 2:30 in the afternoon. I roamed from Cafe coffee day to Kalmane, Dunkin Doughnuts to Krispy Kreme, but it was all crowded with no empty table! Finally I gave up and by then I started to miss my baby girl so much. So I simply booked a cab and got back home to my kayal! 

I know that the reason I wanted to go out for a while was because I was feeling so tired and frustrated at home. The same routine continues day after day! I wanted a break from that routine and I thought I would enjoy some time away from my baby. But the moment I stepped out of my home, I started to miss her. I was getting anxious about her the whole time even though I knew she was safe and sound with her father! She has become my habit! I know that someday I have to let go of her and maybe I will actually be relieved at that moment. But right now, I am not ready! 

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Confession Sunday #7- Voice and Words!

Hello Friends,

I have always been a shy kind of girl, who prefers to be alone and keeps to herself most of the time. For as long as I can remember, I have never started a conversation with a stranger, never been the star of a party, never liked attention and never spoke loud. I have a very small circle of friends who are very close to me and love me for what I am. With them, I dint even need to speak to be heard!

But my life has changed by leaps and bounds since I was a shy teen-ager! I got married to a complete stranger in the name of arranged marriage. I had to start to actually speak out what I felt or what I wanted and that was fine by me. However, our interests and passions are so different from each other that my husband wouldn’t get a lot of stuff about me even if I spoke it out. It was then that I started to loose my temper and started to raise my voice.

It went to an extent where the sound of my own voice drowned my thinking capacity. I didn’t care about what I was talking or if it even made any sense. I would simply shout at people and then ask them why they aren’t able to understand me! This went on and my friends and family were so worried for me. They used to beg me to low down my voice but it would only enrage me even more.

Then kayal came into my life and everyone (including me) thought that it would change me. That wasn’t the case though. By then I had gotten used to shouting out my opinions and thoughts that I dint spare even my kid. In many instances, I would scream at my baby girl to stop her from doing something or to get her to stop fussing. It would scare her out of her skin and she would start to cry uncontrollably. I would start to feel so sorry for her and hate myself for not controlling my voice.

Anyway, I have started to meditate and follow a few other simple exercises to control my anger and thus my voice. I have started to be more soft and patient with my baby girl. She has changed me for good in a lot of ways and this is another one of them! Now that I have started to speak more slowly and softly, I have come to realise that, voice is only heard! Only words are listened to.

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Devasena- The Fierce Warrior Princess!

Hey guys, 

This post is like a lead up to my next post for the Look Like Her series. I am about to recreate the look worn by Anushka Shetty in the legendary movie Bahubali 2! I usually give a short introduction to the look that I recreate. However, This ‘look’ worn by this ‘actress’ in this ‘movie’ simply cannot be introduced in a short space! Thus, a whole separate post………

Well, I have been impressed by many historic movies and series, with all the kings, queens, their palace, their kingdom, enemies and wars and all of that glorious stuff. If had been thinking, Game of thrones and the movie 300 in Hollywood are very impressive, until I watched Bahubali (part 1&2)! Well it has collected a whopping 5 Billion Rupees on pre-release business itself, then one can understand how grand this movie is! Anyway, The movie has attracted people of all ages and each one will take something or the other from this movie throughout their life. For me, it’s the character called Devasena. 

Yes, she is the lead, the heroine of the story. That could be a reason enough to be impressed by her, but that’s not all. It’s the kind of character she depicts. I have grown up listening to fairy tales of Cinderella and Snow white, my idea of a princess is someone who is beautifully dressed and dolled up. She is supposed to be soft, graceful and coy. She is supposed to walk like the breeze and talk like the rain and all that crap! Devasena downright brakes the base all of those tales and the illusions it has created. 

Devasena is fierce, skillful and a great warrior. She rides on a horse, wielding a sword and fights her enemies. She is also a great archer! All of this doesn’t mean that she runs around wearing a shield and a helmet! 

She is dressed like a princess, elegant and grand. She is very beautiful, feminine and every thing about her radiates Grace! She is simply not the damsel is distress type, waiting to be rescued by some prince on a white horse! 

Devasena has literally torn my fantasy into shreds. I have only heard stories about these coy little princessess, dependant on their price charming for a happy ending! However, in reality, I don’t like to be dependant on anyone for even a meal in a day, leave alone a happy ending. And for that very reason, when I will tell stories to my daughter, it will be about princessess like Devasena and not Snow white! Devasena is the next generation’s fairytale princess. 

If you guys haven’t seen Bahubali yet, then my most sincere request to you all, do not miss out on the movie of the century! I guarantee you will be very very impressed!