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7 Days of Blogging- Day 7- EMPTIES!!!

Hi Friends,

WOW! 7 whole days are gone so soon! And I have made it through with the challenge. *Claps* *Claps*

So, 7th and final day and I want to make it about something that’s very important and from my heart. I am sure you can get it all from the Title itself but It is much more than just that guys. Empties is not just a post, It is a concept! A concept that not many of us realise the importance of. I too, never got the importance of it and even if I did, I simply ignored it until a few months back.

See if you can relate to this situation. You are using a facewash and it is great. But then, you are watching TV and there comes a very colorful advert about this new facewash. You need it in your life! So you go ahead and get it the very next day. A few days go by and then another advert comes up about another shiny facewash! And this vicious little cycle goes on and on until you are cluttered with a bunch of facewashes which you end up throwing away! You are thinking, so what? It’s my money It’s my choice, Right? The thing is, You could do so much more with that money.

I realized this just recently and I have started to reduce this kind of wastage of money and resources. At the start of this year, It has become one of my resolutions to not just stop wasting but also to spread the word to as many people as I can! It is not required for any of us to go and find an organization or a relief group to donate our money, hoping that it will reach the poor and the needy. If each one of us, Consciously, reduce any sort of wastage like Food, clothes, stationary, cosmetics, beauty products etc. Then we have done our part in helping the poor and the needy! When we use the resources just so much to fulfill our needs and not our greed, then the rest of the resources has to reach the other needy people!

That said, I shall go ahead into today’s post which is my set of empties for the month Dec- Jan. The post is not going to be any longer than this guys, so chill and read on! 🙂


These were my December month empties.

  1. Nivea Natural Fairness Face wash– Absolutely creamy foamy face wash. Loved it. But it took a lot of product to lather up and feel clean.
  2. Lakme Face Scrub– This is with strawberry extracts. One of the best face scrubs in the market at present. The scrub particles are so fine and crisp. It doesn’t irritate the skin or dry it out. Perfect smell as well!
  3. Olay Natural White Face cream– With UV Protection. I think I have written enough about Olay’s Creams. 🙂


These two are from January month.

  1. Dove Inner Glow Exfoliating Face wash- Like Olay, Dove too tries to create their products with lot of love and care for our skin. This face wash is 2 in 1, it has tiny particles that act as a scrub whilst cleansing the face. It is made for dry skin. Last month, I was in Dubai and had to switch to this product as I was staying in Air Conditioned places all the time. It worked amazingly!
  2. Olay Beauty Fluid- My current moisturizer/ Face cream! Don’t worry. I have stocked up! 🙂

So that’s the end of this post as well the end of this challenge. I really enjoyed myself in the process of completing this challenge! I will try to keep posting regularly (if not daily), And I would love it if you guyz keep showing me your love, ALWAYS!

Love…….. Kani………….

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7 Days of Blogging Challenge- Day 6- Current Hair-Care Favs

Hello Friends,

First and Foremost, Today was super crazy and I did not have a lot of free time. So I couldn’t take my own pictures of the products I use. Thanks to google for providing me with the images I needed. 🙂

That said, Today I would love to share my hair-care routine and the products I’m currently using. It is only fare topic to follow my previous post! If you haven’t checked it out yet, then do so right away. And do not forget to hit that follow button to keep updated about my posts!

So, Jumping into it then.

  1. Parachute Pure Coconut Oil 

    This is single most important product that I have always used and I will always swear by. Every other product comes and goes in my life. Even if the brand stays, the flavor or the type will surely change. However, Parachute coconut oil has stayed put! There are a lot of different varieties by Parachute like Parachute Advanced oil, Parachute Jasmine oil etc. I don’t mean any of those! This one is 100% Pure Coconut Oil, no mixtures and no chemicals!


    I warm up the Parachute Coconut oil lightly in a bowl and then apply it all over my hair starting from my scalp. I massage the oil into my scalp with my fingers by pressing and rubbing it on my scalp. I then let the oil sit for about an hour before I wash it off with regular shampoo and conditioning!

    Coconut oil is very important for a healthy, shiny and nourished hair. It promotes hair growth and protects your hair from premature aging (turning white!). This is not all. Coconut oil also tends to cool down your internal body temperature and keep you relaxed and stress free. It is like a low-cost Spa at home!

  2. Sunsilk Long & Strong Shampoo and Conditioner

    Again, Like any other department, shampoo & conditioners too keep changing for me. I read somewhere that we should stick to a single brand of shampoo and conditioner for better hair. I tried to keep using a single brand and single type but it did not work out. I like to change my Hair wash products according to what I need at that point. I used Dove Hair-fall rescue for over 3 years cuz at that time I had hair-fall problem. Lately, I am looking to grow my hair. Hence this choice of products.

    I must say, I was really impressed by Sunsilk Long & Strong range of products. I am using it for about 6 months now and I can actually see the difference. My hair growth rate has clearly improved. The shampoo lathers up well and has a very pleasant aroma to it. The conditioner is amazingly light and easy to spread. Overall, I am very happy with how this product worked out for me!

  3. L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil-in-Cream, Leave-in Hair Cream

    Guys, My hair is actually very fizzy and dry. This product is like a dream come true for me! I have tried on a lot of serums and leave-in creams. They usually tend to make my hair very oily and fall flat on my face! But this product, L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil, It has blown my mind. The formula is very light and absorbs into the hair quickly. It tames my hair very softly and gently. At the same time, my hair looks lively and bouncy! After washing and conditioning my hair, I let it air dry for a while. When it has dried half way through, I comb my hair with de-tangle brush and apply this cream on. It is an amazing product over all! 🙂

My hair- care routine is very short and to the point guys. I don’t like to add a lot of products when it comes to my hair cuz too much products will damage the hair. I am very protective of my hair! Its not just me but every Indian girl will be most concerned about their hair! Our Perfect black and shiny hair is what adds the oomph to our persona! What do you say?

Love…… Kani……..

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7 Days of Blogging- Day 5- My Current Skin Care Favs 

Hi Everyone. 

Keeping the challenge up and running, even though my baby girl is making the challenge even more challenging!! So, I thought of sharing my current skin care routine and my current favorites with you all. I will also give a review on the products, so read on! 💗

1. I Love….. Strawberries and Cream shower Cream…. 

I love to have a choice of a soap as well as a shower gel for bath. Depending on my mood, I choice one of them. Shower gels are more preferable to me simply because of their amazing smell! Soaps are fine but not as great smelling as shower gels. And then I came across shower creams by I Love…… cosmetics! It simply bowled me over guyz!

They are so creamy, soothing and moisturizing. At the same time they smell so damn delicious. And they are so affordable! What more can anyone expect? They have a wide range of fruity flavors including mango, raspberries, coconuts etc. I went on and bought a gift box that had all of their flavors in sample size bottles!

2. International Lux Creamy Perfection Soap. 

Lux is my go to brand for bathing soaps. They have an amazing range of flavors too. I have tried almost every one of those flavors (chocolate was my favorite) but I found myself turning back to creamy perfection very often! It is simply too creamy and the aroma is very soothing! Also, its quite gentle on the skin and doesn’t dry it out. I have used it in places where water quality is bad (I mean, Hard Water) and yet the soap does its job well! Love it!

3. Ponds White Beauty Facial Foam

When it comes to face wash, I always prefer foaming face-wash. I do have a combination skin but sometimes it looks slightly on the oily side! So, gel face washes make my face look very oily and unclean. I have used foaming face-wash from various brands like L’Oréal, Nivea, Dove etc. I don’t have a single favorite in this department.

Ponds is very effective face-wash. It foams up really well and removes the dirt completely from the face. The smell is nice too and it is very affordable. Only set back is that, it dries the skin very much. After washing my face, I always need to follow up with a lot of cream to give my skin its moisture back!

3. My Special Face Mist

This one is not for sale guyz! It is my own special blend that I use as a face mist or toner. It’s nothing huge. Just a piece of lemon boiled well in some clean water. I then filtered it and let it cool. After cooled, I transferred it to a spray bottle that I got from store!

I refrigerate this bottle and use it as a toner or a face mist after washing my face. It helps in closing the pores just like any other toner. But it also does a lot more work on the skin. I will talk all about it in another post! 😊

4. Olay Beauty Fluid- Day Lotion

Olay is the love of my life! I’m very serious you guyz. Their range of creams and face washes feel like they were made keeping ‘ME’ in mind! Every time I wear the Olay cream, I feel like it is giving my skin a nice warm hug!

So I used to use their Natural White day cream with SPF. But ever since my baby, I shifted to this yet another amazing creation by Olay- Beauty Fluid. It does not have any SPF but that’s what I wanted. It is a thin fluid that gets absorbed completely by the skin. It makes the skin very soft and supple and keeps it well moisturized for a Really Long time! It is simply marvelous!

5. The Body Shop Lip Butter- strawberry

I have already done a post on The Body Shop Lip Butters! Do check it out here-

I really have nothing new to say! Ask the praise I had to give to this genius of a product, I have already given! I have only Love love love and more loveeeeeeeeee for this product! 💋

That’s my current skin care routine and my current favorite products. Am I missing out on something amazing? Do lemme know in the comments below!

Love…… Kani…… 

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7 days of blogging- Day 4- Beautiful from Within!

Beauty that comes from wearing makeup, nice hairstyle, stylish dresses etc. Is amazing. But at the end of the day, it is just temporary. The moment you wash up and remove it all, that beauty is gone. There is a constant beauty in you, Even when you have washed your face, let your hair down and put on some worn out pyjamas (baggy nightie in my case!). That’s the beauty which lasts forever. Here are a few simple ways to enhance your natural beauty!

1. 3 Liters water a day


I have these bottles inspiring me to drink water! 🙂

This particular point has been told and re-told over so many years cuz it is very very very important. What a simple thing such as drinking 3 bottles of water a day can do to your body and face? You will actually be very surprised!

Drinking water replenishes your skin and improves it’s ability to heal and regenerate. Do you know what this means? This means your skin will remain youthful for a longer time! Water also helps in flushing away all the toxins from your body. It keeps your skin moisturized and healthy which in turn will give a natural radiating glow!

2. Fruits and vegetables


This one too has been iterated over the years. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Raw or boiled, juice or salad, anyway you like, any amount you like, any type you like! Just give a lot of importance to fruits and vegetables in your everyday diet.

First of all, they make you very healthy and they improve your immunity. Secondly, they are natural sources of protein, vitamin, iron, fiber etc. No need for all those pills and supplements! Finally, like water, these too make your skin stay youthful and glowing from within. They have a lot more advantages to them but I cant list it all here!

3. Meditate for 15 Minutes Daily


This one is relatively new but the importance of meditation goes back centuries! Because when you are calm, relaxed and stress-free, it surely shows on your skin. Meditating for a mere 15 minutes in a day will transform you completely. You will be more healthier and happier for sure but it will also improve your concentration, decision making skills and your ability to handle tough situations calmly!

The more calm and composed a person is, the more serene and eternally pretty they look. I have seen a sage, his face completely covered in beard and mustache. But the moment he opened his eyes from meditation, his eyes were glowing and he looked divine! Not saying it has any connection with god or some higher power and all that! But that amount of meditation does make a lot of difference!

4. Let your skin breathe


This is a very important point ladies. Even if you need to be on makeup the whole day, just wash your face clean at night before going to bed. Do not apply any moisturizer or night Cream or anything. Just use a toner (natural ones like rose water if possible!) and go to sleep. Your skin needs some breathing time to regenerate and replenish. Also, when you let your skin be, the natural oils and moisture secreted by your skin will start working its wonder! When you wake up, you will wake up to a more fresh and healthy looking skin! So let you face sleep naked! 🙂
5. SMILE………….. A LOT………..


This is not a tip, it’s a rule! Just smile, smile and keep smiling. You don’t need reasons for smiling. Have you ever seen just born babies? They smile in their sleep, a lot infact! Do they need any reasons? NO! Don’t they look cute when they smile?! ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! It’s the same thing with grown ups too. Don’t you worry about looking like an Idiot! Because, Smile is a very contagious thing. It makes you happy from within and when people look at you, it will remind them to smile as well! Soooooooo….. Turn that frown, upside down!!! 🙂

That is my tips and tricks to a healthy, happy and beautiful you- In the longer run!

Love……. Kani……….

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7 Days of blogging challenge- Day 3- Birth of my Blog

Hi Friends

So, I thought about all the topics in the world to blog about while I was brainstorming. I could write, quite well. All I wanted out of my blog is, If even one person that comes across my posts is benefited by it in some way. That said, I needed to write something that could be benefiting for my readers. That’s when my Sweet little sister suggested that I should blog my reviews on various products. First question I asked her was, “Who would be interested in what I feel or don’t?” She reminded me that she has been asking for my suggestion and advice on what to buy and what not to, ever since she can remember. When I thought about it, I realized that I have given advice and suggestions to a lot of my relatives and friends as well. Mainly cuz I loved trying out various products and I loved to have choices at everything! That is how I came about Creating “Kani’s View”- A Beauty and lifestyle Blog with a personal touch!

Well, I am now a beauty blogger and I am blogging about all these amazing cosmetics, skin-care products, hair-care products and so on. Does that mean, anyone without all these goodies & products are not beautiful? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Beauty is all about perception. I could put on every single cosmetic from my stash and yet my hubby feels that I look the prettiest just after I wake up in the morning! My father’s eyes wells up every time I put on a Silk Sari and some simple gold jewellery! When I wear a Red Bindhi on my forehead, My granny looks at me with so much Awe in her eyes! Sunset Orange dress is nothing in-front of the beauty of actual Sunset. Ocean Blue eye-liner cannot compete with the serenity of an Ocean. In Bloom eye-shadow palette or Actual Blooming Blossoms?

Ok, I am done showing off all the poetic writing skills. What I mean is, I am just a product reviewer and I share stuff from MY Life, From MY Point of View. It may not necessarily be the same for anyone of you. But if I have helped you out to make one smart purchase or I have given you one useful tip, then do let me know. I will be the happiest person on earth! J

Love…….. Kani…….

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7 Days of blogging challenge- Day 2- All About ME.

About me……………………..

What do I say?!

Ok, let me start with the basics!

My Name is Kani. Full name- Kani Mozhi. Do you notice the letters ‘zh’ in my name? Those two letters together make a unique sound while pronouncing my name. Unique because that sound belongs to a letter in Tamil Language (one of the many languages spoken in India) and can be pronounced only by Tamilians! That roughly means, My name can be pronounced correctly by only a mere 70 million people out of 7 Trillion people of the world (don’t get confused. It’s the whole population of Tamilians in the world as compared to the world population :P)!!! This may make my name seem very exotic but that’s not at all true. I have forever struggled with my name. From School, College, Under-graduation and Post-graduation, Even at work, Everyone has made fun of my name (At School, I was called Mouse!).

Right now I live in the lively city- Chennai. But ever since my birth, I haven’t been able to call a single city as my home. I have lived in a lot of places and my life has (very thankfully) been Dynamic enough to keep me on my toes! I have lived in cities like Bangalore and Dubai, at the same time I have lived in a small town called Mangalore as well as my village in Tamilnadu (my birth-place). I have gone through my own set of highs and lows (like everyone!) but the way I look at my life is, It has been very adventurous and thrilling.

I am 25 years old and I have seen success and failure, love and heart-break! I have seen the joy of being dependent (on my parents) as well as the thrill of being Independent (During college, In hostel)! Through all of this, I realised that I love independence better than anything else. I love being on my own, pursuing my interests, doing what I love and simply not having to be answerable to anyone! But life doesn’t always gift you with everything you ask for (Dear Marriage, I mean you!). Yes, I am married. Yes, It is an arranged marriage. No, It is not what I expected and No, I don’t regret any of it!

Finally, I am a proud mother of a 9-month-old baby girl. It may sound very common and copied from somewhere but She is my Angel. She is the Light in my path. She is my strength and she has returned my lost identity back to me! She has made my life so bright and joyful beyond words! *TEARS* *SNIFF*

So that’s all about me guys. Nothing more, nothing less. 😛

Do you have any questions for me? Comment below!

LOVE……….. KANI………..

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7 Days of Blogging Challenge! DAY 1!!!

Hi Friends,

Taking up challenges has become such a huge sensation lately. Everywhere I see, people are taking up challenges oh so proudly! The 5 minutes makeup challenge, The no mirror makeup challenge, the all products under Rs 100 makeup challenge, getting your boyfriend (or your Father in IISuperwomenII’s case :P) to do your makeup and so on! I too wanted to be a part of this fun sensation but I dint know what challenge I could take up that was fun for ME! Because trust me, If I got my father or hubby to do my makeup, I would have to hear an hour-long lecture about how beautiful I look without any makeup! That said, I brainstormed for over a week and came up with this!

*Drumrolls Please* The 7 Days of Blogging challenge!

I have just about started blogging and I am loving it! There would be no other challenge that would be this fun for me. So, get ready guys, to get to know me and my Blog better. Over the next week, I will be posting stuff closest to my heart. I swear I will try to make it interesting and in line with the subject of my Blog!

Any comments or suggestions are most welcome guys. Keep on showing me your support and love!

Love……… Kani…….