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Shop Miss A haul- part 1

Hi guys, 

I’m sure most of you have shopped at or at least heard about ShopMissA. And for those who don’t have any idea, it is an online store that sells all sorts of cosmetics and beauty tools for $1 each! I have heard a lot about it and for the first time, I gave it a shot and was very pleasantly surprised by the quality I got for such cheap rates!

First of all, this store is American and importing my order to India was very very costly business. For one package of $38 worth products, I paid custom charge of about 2000/- Rs. Shipping to anywhere worldwide costs $8 for orders upto $40. If within USA, shipping is free for orders above $35. 

That said, let’s look at the haul. For this path I’m covering all the lip products I bought. 

  • Metallic liquid lipsticks by AOA cosmetics

Shade- Moon
Shade- YASS

These lipsticks are matte and super shiny. They are better used as lip toppers rather than lipsticks. These are similar to the Huda lip strobes. They have huge range of shades! $1 each.

  • Lip trio Lipstick by L.A. Colours

This piece is my biggest regret in this haul. L.A. Colours do not pay much attention to the quality of the lipsticks I suppose! This one was very dull and not at all pigmented. Very drying! ☹️

  • Liquid lipsticks by Santee and Kleancolour 

The coral pink shade is the soft matte range by Santee. Did not like the shade much as it made me look ghostly! Quality was amazing. 

The Nude brown shade is from the madly matte range by Kleancolour- Browns! This one is by far my favourite. It’s best to give retro kinda look. 😍😍

  • Lip Scrub by Beauty Treats and Lip Balm by Amuse.

The Almond CrΓ¨me lip Scrub by Beauty Treats is again one of the best buys on shop miss A. It’s so creamy soft and has the tiniest scrub particles best suited for such a sensitive area like lips. It smells delicious and does its job perfectly!

The sphere lip balm by Amuse is just one of those buys that was for try and throw. And trust me, that’s what I did. I’m very particular when it comes to lip balms and prefer only Maybelline baby lips. This one did not smell good, did not last long and did not moisturise. So it is useless! I threw it out after the third use! ☹️😑

So that’s all for my Shop Miss A- Lippies haul. Stay tuned for the next part which is all about their eyeshadows and eyeshadow base. 😁😁



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One thought on “Shop Miss A haul- part 1

  1. I loved my shopmiss a order when I made it a while back! So happy with everything I got, so sad to see you didn’t like the liquid lipstick, I love mine, still use it now. The metallic ones also look great, love the shade YASS. I look forward to the other parts of this xo

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