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Food Review: Zea popcorn, Chennai.

Zea Popcorns is one of these snack shacks kind of place that provides healthy and innovative snacks at very affordable rates. It is a pure vegetarian shack. Their range of Popcorns varieties is to die for, especially the fruit pops popcorn! Just look at those colours!

 P.C. Zomato India 

I again ordered my food in through Swiggy. I ordered the Cheese licks popcorn along with a veg quesadilla burger and a tandoori paneer wrap! 

The Cheese licks popcorn, lives up to its name perfectly. It comes in two sizes and I chose the smaller pack that cost me ₹50/- and it’s worth every bit of the money spent! I was actually licking my fingers clean and my daughter wouldn’t let go of it either! A perfect movie time snack! 

The veg quesadilla burger was really yummy too. The patty was rich and thick and was perfectly crispy. That along with the bell peppers, onions and yummy garlic mayo! Next thing to heaven! 

Finally the tandoori paneer wrap, was a little bit of a disappointment. The wrap bread (parata) was very very oily and tasted a little undercooked! The filling too was mostly oily and soggy! I don’t know if it was because I ordered for a delivery, the wrap got soggy by the time it reached me. I don’t think so cuz my order was delivered really quick! Taste-wise, it was ok but cannot be compared to the burger! 
Overall, Zea Gourmet is surely Foodtalkstic Approved! Such yummy food at such pocket friendly rates! It would be every college students haven! Even for people like me, it is pleasant to find such pocket friendly snack shacks. 



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