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Shop Miss A haul- Last part!Β 

Hello friends! 

There are people out there inventing new and innovative beauty products by the day and here I’m, deciding if I should get off my bed and wash my face or not! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Here are a few really beautiful and innovative items I found on shop miss A all for $1 each!

  • Scrubby Facial cleansing pad by AOA studio

This amazing little scrubby pad for facial cleansing is simply marvelous! It’s so soft at the same time, it is so damn effective! I really dint expect much out of this product but it surprised me a lot! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  • Nail Polish Buddy by AOA studio

I know that this product is already out there but I only now bought this little thing! God, how innovative can a person get! It’s used to hold the nail polish when you are applying it. This miraculous little flower pot is absolutely must have in every vanity box!

  • Brush Cleaning egg by AOA studio

This cute little egg thingy is used to scrub and clean your makeup brushes! Isn’t that innovative? 

  • Wonder Blender by AOA

This is a sponge make-up blender. It’s obviously a copy of the beauty blender. I don’t know anything about the quality of an original beauty blender. But this one is pretty awesome. It becomes twice as huge once it’s wet and blends in the make-up very quick and perfectly. 

  • Wonder Jelly Sponge by AOA

Another innovative beauty tool. It’s supposed to used to blend in the foundation and concealer and stuff. But I don’t really see anything getting blended. The sponge is all glittery and cute but does not do it’s job. πŸ€”

Apart from these, I also bought a few temporary tattoo sheets. They are really cute and pretty. 

So that’s everything that I got from Shop Miss A. 

Will I shop here again? 

Most probably not. The custom charges are very high and they charge for shipping as well. Aliexpress and DH Gate are far better! 

Until the next post, Stay tuned……

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Shop Miss A haul- Part 2

Hi guys, 

So for the second part of my haul, I am gonna be sharing all the eyeshadows, palettes and primers that I got on shop miss A. 

  • 5 colour palettes by Kleancolour

Beautiful palettes. I really really loved these. The shades selection was cute and the pigmentation was perfect! It’s cute and very handy too. Happy purchase! 😁

  • 8 colours palette by Princess A

One of the worst palettes ever. The shades were so dull and lacked pigmentation. When tried to be built upon, it just got patchy and cakey! Sad purchase! ☹️

  • Eyeshadow trio by Santee

By far the best purchase in the eyeshadow section. The pigmentation is so amazing. It’s very silky too and applied like a dream! I loved the shades. Very happy purchase. 😍

  • Eyeshadow primer by Kleancolour (Matte)

This one is very tricky guys. It’s not very easy to work with. Makes my eyes very patchy. I had to use it along with a bit of my beauty oil to make it work. Confusing purchase! πŸ€”

  • Frameous brows by Kleancolour (Brown)
  • Brow pomade by Kleancolour (cocoa)

The tinted brow mascara by Kleancolour works like a charm guys. Only thing is it leaves my brows stiff as a stick. But easy to apply and time saving. So loving it. 😍

The brow pomade is a waste guys! This is supposed to be a dip brow gel! But the gel is so thick and so hard to apply! Pigmentation is lighter than I expected. I cannot even use this guys! 😑

  • Shimmer Bricks highlighter by A2O lab. (Rainbow Pearls)

By far! Best purchase of the lot. I’m crazy about highlighters and obviously I had to get highlighters when I shopped in shop miss A. But I found only this highlighter range interesting enough so I bought only one. 

This one is very pigmented and dreamy cute. Applies well. Stays on. I love it. Especially the holographic effect is amazing.  πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

So that’s it for this post guys. Hold on! There is yet another part to come from my shop miss A haul. So stay tuned. ☺️☺️

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Shop Miss A haul- part 1

Hi guys, 

I’m sure most of you have shopped at or at least heard about ShopMissA. And for those who don’t have any idea, it is an online store that sells all sorts of cosmetics and beauty tools for $1 each! I have heard a lot about it and for the first time, I gave it a shot and was very pleasantly surprised by the quality I got for such cheap rates!

First of all, this store is American and importing my order to India was very very costly business. For one package of $38 worth products, I paid custom charge of about 2000/- Rs. Shipping to anywhere worldwide costs $8 for orders upto $40. If within USA, shipping is free for orders above $35. 

That said, let’s look at the haul. For this path I’m covering all the lip products I bought. 

  • Metallic liquid lipsticks by AOA cosmetics

Shade- Moon
Shade- YASS

These lipsticks are matte and super shiny. They are better used as lip toppers rather than lipsticks. These are similar to the Huda lip strobes. They have huge range of shades! $1 each.

  • Lip trio Lipstick by L.A. Colours

This piece is my biggest regret in this haul. L.A. Colours do not pay much attention to the quality of the lipsticks I suppose! This one was very dull and not at all pigmented. Very drying! ☹️

  • Liquid lipsticks by Santee and Kleancolour 

The coral pink shade is the soft matte range by Santee. Did not like the shade much as it made me look ghostly! Quality was amazing. 

The Nude brown shade is from the madly matte range by Kleancolour- Browns! This one is by far my favourite. It’s best to give retro kinda look. 😍😍

  • Lip Scrub by Beauty Treats and Lip Balm by Amuse.

The Almond CrΓ¨me lip Scrub by Beauty Treats is again one of the best buys on shop miss A. It’s so creamy soft and has the tiniest scrub particles best suited for such a sensitive area like lips. It smells delicious and does its job perfectly!

The sphere lip balm by Amuse is just one of those buys that was for try and throw. And trust me, that’s what I did. I’m very particular when it comes to lip balms and prefer only Maybelline baby lips. This one did not smell good, did not last long and did not moisturise. So it is useless! I threw it out after the third use! ☹️😑

So that’s all for my Shop Miss A- Lippies haul. Stay tuned for the next part which is all about their eyeshadows and eyeshadow base. 😁😁

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Jovees Mini Fruit Facial Kit- Review

Hi Friends, 

I have been travelling around a lot lately which I’m sure you can see, with the decrease in my activity on WordPress! It was a very tiring trip and when I got back home, all I needed was a whole day of sleep and some spa time. Unfortunately, both weren’t possible, what with my darling baby around! 😝

So anyway, I did get some time to get to a facial at home. 

*Enter* Jovees Mini Fruit Facial Kit! 

This face pack is for skin rejuvenation as it says so on the pack. Nourishes and revitalizes skin with treatment inspired by the restorative fruits and plants. 

The pack consists 5 tubes- Face Wash, Face Scrub, Face Massage crΓ¨me, Face Mask and Rejuvenating Face cream- it’s to be used in the same order. Each of this product is made of natural fruits and plant ingredients best suited for that purpose. 

  • Cleanser- Citrus and Blackberry concentrate 
  • Scrub- Honey and Almond 
  • Massage cream- Papaya and Pineapple 
  • Face pack – Apple and Avocado 
  • Rejuvenating cream- Tea Tree and Witch hazel 

So my Review: 

It is a really good pack with value for money too. 

Each and every product was completely up to mark. Especially the scrub was so rich and so creamy. I simply loved the aroma of the products and gets the job done marvelously. My skin felt more fresh and glowing after the complete regime. 

I got this pack from Health & Glow on the promotional offer of Buy 1 Get 1. The kit as such retails for just 175/- Rs. 

Kani’s View- It is a steal you guys. I can’t see any reason why you shouldn’t give it a try.