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She was such a spoilt girl! 

She always wore tees and jeans 

Didn’t even know to drape a saree 

And that kept him so worried!

She didn’t even know how to cook 

she did learn to do so, quickly 

But kept saying he had to help! 

And that kept him irritated!

She used to be so pampered.

She wanted him to buy her gifts,

Even before she asked for it! 

And that kept him frustrated! 

She is well-educated 

Used to be so career oriented, 

Said she loved to earn some money just for herself! 

And that made him feel very unsettled!

She used to have opinions, 

She used to help him take decisions, 

She used to try solving his problems, 

She used to try teaching him things! 

But all that’s changed, 

And now he is very happy.

Now ‘THEY’ are very happy!

The shadow of a women living with him now,

Is completely of his making! 



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