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Restaurant Review- 80 Degrees East, Chennai!

This warm and cozy little café is located in the Nanganallur area, Chennai. It is comparatively a newly opened café and already it has gained a lot of attention and visibility (considering its location amidst a busy main Street). So, naturally I had to visit this café! 

P.C. Zomato India

At one glance anyone can agree that it’s a really small café. There are about 4 four seater tables, 3 two-seaters and a few high raise chairs by the entrance! So that could be one main reason why this place looks so crowded all the time! 

Even the menu card wasn’t ready yet at the time of my visit. They had stapled together a few sheets with the names of the dishes printed on them! But I really loved the words printed on the sides, it made me smile. 

We stuck to the basics while ordering. We chose Masala Chai and Desi Fries. 

The Chai (tea) was pretty amazing. It was perfectly hot and creamy at the same time it had the perfectly blended flavours of clove, cinnamon and elaichi. The aroma was divine. Coffee is easy, but getting a tea right is a pretty hard thing! I must say, 80 Degrees East did that job pretty perfectly!

And then these ‘Desi Fries’ which is supposedly the Indian brother of ‘French Fries’ (as mentioned in the menu!) 😂 
I pretty much expected some French Fries tossed in some Mexican spice mix. Don’t get me wrong but it’s what the spicy Fries in KFC, McDonald’s etc. are made of. They are not really spicy, just a little tangy! But 80 Degrees East got this one right too. Crispy fried French Fries coated completely with chilli powder and other Indian spices tossed together with fried curry leaves (gave the Indian touch). The aroma, flavours, touch & feel, everything was perfect!

Location- ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ambience- ⭐️⭐️

Food- ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Price- Moderate

I would surely say 80 Degrees East is Foodtalkstic Approved. I would go back in there all the time just for those spicy Desi Fries! 



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