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Sivanna Colours! 

Hello Friends, 

This post is going to be a little different. In this post, I’m gonna be sharing my views and just in general, talk about sivanna colours. It is very lesser known brand of cosmetics that has a wide range of products at very pocket friendly price. Sivanna colours is the result of French-Thai joint venture into providing quality cosmetics at affordable rates. 

Sometime back, I came across Sivanna’s Nude on Nude make-up palette while looking for lipstick palettes. This was at a time when brands like NYX, Milani, make-up revolution, L.A. Girl etc were not available in India. I was immediately intrigued by the product and it’s affordability, so I bought it. 

This palette has 20 eyeshadows and 10 lipsticks. I bought this palette for about 799/- Rs I think, I don’t remember now. Also this palette is not available anymore in India! 

Then, after a pretty long wait, cosmetic brands like NYX, Milani etc. Was finally made available in India. Just recently I noticed that the Sivanna’s Nude on Nude palette is just the same as NYX Nude on Nude make-up palette! 

So I went on and digged around the Sivanna’s products and started comparing them to products from other brands. Well, it’s safe to say that the developers at sivanna cosmetics do not have their own brain! They have simply copied the style and packaging of the cosmetics from other major drug store brands! But of course they cannot make up for the quality and that must be the reason for such low pricing! Check it out: 

Milani Rose Powder Blush- ₹1200/-

Sivanna Rose Powder Blush- ₹275/-

NYX Dreamcatcher palette- ₹1225/-

Sivanna matt palette- ₹525/-

NYX ultimate palette- ₹1725/-

Sivanna 12 colour palette- ₹450/-

These are not just it. Their single highlighters and blush palettes look exactly like the ones by Makeup Revolution. They also have these shimmer bricks palette that is exactly like the ones by Revlon or Bobbi Brown. And the list goes on……

And just for your information-The NYX Nude on Nude palette isn’t available anymore either. Currently it could be found only on and retails for ₹5500/- 😳😳

Have any of you tried cosmetics from sivanna colours? Would love to know what you thought of it! 



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