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Essence Cosmetics- I love candies eyeshadow palette! 

Hi Guys, 

Lately I am obsessed with eyeshadow palettes. It all started with my curiosity over the Maybelline palettes. However, All the palettes I got had these pinks, nudes, earthy shades and I really wanted something a little more fun. That’s when I came across this product! 

It’s the part of “All About” series of eyeshadows by Essence cosmetics. They have palettes called, “All About Chocolates”, “All About Nude”, “All About Roses”, “All About Greys” and “All About Candies”. I think that’s all there is to this range, I’m not sure. So I picked the All About Candies eyeshadow palette, simply because it had shades different from the ones I already own.

When I ordered the palette, I knew that it was all pastels and that could turn out to be too light and ghostly on me. I went ahead and bought the palette anyway. I know now that I should have trusted my instinct! 

The shades are too Shimmery, Pale and Powdery! How much ever I tried to blend it in, it simply wouldn’t budge. If I use this palette alone to create an eyeshadow look, it simply makes me look grey and washed out! 

Another thing I noticed about these eyeshadows are, it transfers on to the brush pretty well but while applying onto the lids, it simply fell off! If I wanted to get any product onto my lids, I have to blend using my fingers only! 😥

However the palette is super budget friendly, it cost ₹ 399/- only! The shades are really pretty and the pigmentation is great. The shades kind of reminded me of the Moon child palette by Anastasia Beverly hills. That’s when it striked me that maybe I could work around with the lighter shades and use it as highlighter. The darker shades can be blended together with shades from the Maybelline palettes to create something fun! 

My final verdict- wouldn’t suggest this palette to anyone if you ask me! It’s not at all worth it, even for the low cost! 



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