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The Face Shop- Sheet masks!

Hi Friends,

Nykaa very recently added “The Face Shop” to the long list of brands that they sell on their online store! As an introductory offer, they offered “Buy 5 and Get 5” on the entire range on sheet masks. 

Since lately, Sheet masks are all the craze, I decided to cease the opportunity. 😁

The Face Shop has 3 range of sheet masks. 

First one is the “Real Nature” sheet masks. These are your usual nature inspired masks like strawberry, Aloe Vera, Blueberry, Avocado etc. There is seriously a wide range of these sheets and each one seems more interesting than the other! 😳 These sheet masks retail for 100/- Rs each

Second range of sheet masks are “The Solution” masks. These masks are supposedly enriched with nutrients and each mask is a solution to some of the common skin problems. There is smoothing, brightening, pore care, hydrating etc. As you can see in the cover picture, this is the range I chose to buy from. These masks retail for 150/- Rs each.

The third and final range of sheet masks are the “Bio-cell” range. These are very similar to “The Solutions” range and I seriously do not know what is difference except these masks retail for 300/-Rs each! I can only guess and I’m guessing these masks are meant for the aging skin. They have sheet masks for brightening, firming, moisturising, skin recovery etc. 

My Review-


  • Very calming and very relaxing 
  • Nice pleasant smell 
  • It’s surely not a miracle worker, but does its job to an extent! 
  • So fully loaded with the serum. 
  • Very very cost effective 
  • Spa day at home! 


  • Very thin sheet which gets a little messy while applying. 
  • Gave me a few temporary breakouts! 

My final verdict would be in favour of this product! Though I did breakout a little but and though I cannot be completely sure it was because of this mask, it’s just my instinct. Even so, I would completely recommend these masks. It left my skin very soft and supple and well-nourished! 

What kind of masks do you prefer? Lemme know!

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