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Cravings of a Sweet-Tooth!

Hi guyz,

Back to share another one of my favourite food experimentation with you guyz. I love sweet food, a lot. Its the only thing that will lift my mood, anytime and anywhere.

Lately, I am kinda going back to basics with food. To the times when things were simple and sweet, like vanilla ice-cream!

Its summer and that essentially means its Mango season. I love mangoes and since its available for just 3 to 4 months in an year, I try to make most out of these months! That means, Mangoes for breakfast-Lunch-snack-dinner! Mix that with the vanilla ice-cream and its the most yummiest delicious food that can lift up any mood!

Now for the next option, Its very famous and I am sure everyone has tried this at least once in their lives. Brownie with ice-cream. Its my go-to food when I am in a bad mood and craving something real sweet. Well I do not know to bake, so I simply order in a few chocolate brownies. I warm them up a little bit and then scoop out a generous amount of vanilla ice-cream on top of it. Dig into it right away cuz the hot and cold combination feels so good in the mouth!!! Its absolutely heavenly!!!

So that’s all for this post. What is your go-to food when you crave for something sweet? Let me know!



Passion- Writing and Reading Interests- Beauty, books, movies, FOOD! Combine the both together and you get the most smashing Blog ever!!! :) Love......... Kani..........

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