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Devasena- The Fierce Warrior Princess!

Hey guys, 

This post is like a lead up to my next post for the Look Like Her series. I am about to recreate the look worn by Anushka Shetty in the legendary movie Bahubali 2! I usually give a short introduction to the look that I recreate. However, This ‘look’ worn by this ‘actress’ in this ‘movie’ simply cannot be introduced in a short space! Thus, a whole separate post………

Well, I have been impressed by many historic movies and series, with all the kings, queens, their palace, their kingdom, enemies and wars and all of that glorious stuff. If had been thinking, Game of thrones and the movie 300 in Hollywood are very impressive, until I watched Bahubali (part 1&2)! Well it has collected a whopping 5 Billion Rupees on pre-release business itself, then one can understand how grand this movie is! Anyway, The movie has attracted people of all ages and each one will take something or the other from this movie throughout their life. For me, it’s the character called Devasena. 

Yes, she is the lead, the heroine of the story. That could be a reason enough to be impressed by her, but that’s not all. It’s the kind of character she depicts. I have grown up listening to fairy tales of Cinderella and Snow white, my idea of a princess is someone who is beautifully dressed and dolled up. She is supposed to be soft, graceful and coy. She is supposed to walk like the breeze and talk like the rain and all that crap! Devasena downright brakes the base all of those tales and the illusions it has created. 

Devasena is fierce, skillful and a great warrior. She rides on a horse, wielding a sword and fights her enemies. She is also a great archer! All of this doesn’t mean that she runs around wearing a shield and a helmet! 

She is dressed like a princess, elegant and grand. She is very beautiful, feminine and every thing about her radiates Grace! She is simply not the damsel is distress type, waiting to be rescued by some prince on a white horse! 

Devasena has literally torn my fantasy into shreds. I have only heard stories about these coy little princessess, dependant on their price charming for a happy ending! However, in reality, I don’t like to be dependant on anyone for even a meal in a day, leave alone a happy ending. And for that very reason, when I will tell stories to my daughter, it will be about princessess like Devasena and not Snow white! Devasena is the next generation’s fairytale princess. 

If you guys haven’t seen Bahubali yet, then my most sincere request to you all, do not miss out on the movie of the century! I guarantee you will be very very impressed!



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