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Confession Sunday #5- Reverse cleansing of Face. 

Hi Friends, 

I’m sure all of you have heard about reverse shampooing of the hair. It’s all about conditioning the hair first and that’s followed by the shampoo. As supposed to shampoo followed by conditioner which is the regular method. People say that it makes your hair look lively and voluminous and whatever else the reason is, it simply doesn’t work out for me. 

Anyway, while this reverse cleansing of hair was gaining so much attention, I realised that I adopt the same method too but not with hair! It’s a well known face care routine that face wash is followed by scrub, Face mask and toner. However, I have come to realise that scrubbing the face first followed by the face wash works wonders for me. Especially while I have just wiped off my makeup and there are still traces of the makeup and grime left on my skin. 

It’s as simple as it sounds- I pick out my favourite face scrub, apply on wet face and gently massage it on my skin. This removes the dirt along with the dead skin cells, dry patches and everything unwanted. Following that, I use my face wash to perfectly cleanse my face and that’s it! My skin feels all fresh and smooth and completely free to breathe. 

Currently I am using 

  • Lakme clean up strawberry face scrub 
  • Lever Ayush natural fairness saffron face wash. (A post coming up all about this product!)

So that’s my confession for this week guys. Try it out and if you like it, then this confession can be considered a trick/hack as well!  ğŸ˜‚😘

Love…… Kani…. 💝💖



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3 thoughts on “Confession Sunday #5- Reverse cleansing of Face. 

  1. Scrub first before facial wash works for me too I’ve been doing scrub first ever since 😬 I didn’t know that you’re supposed to use the face wash first. Lol ive been doing it reverse then. 😆😆

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