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Fake/ Replica Cosmetics-What you need to know!

Hi Friends

This one was very long due. I wanted to write up on this topic since a very long time, considering how much fame these replica cosmetics have gained recently. It took me this long just because I did not want to base my post on assumptions and the stuff I read online. So I went ahead and ordered for a Fake Kylie Holiday Edition Lip Vault! I know I know, That is too much for just a trial sake thing. But I actually thought it would be better than how bad everybody claims it to be. Well, I was wrong!

Anyway, I am sure you all know about this Lip Vault. It is a set of 12 Matte liquid lipsticks by Kylie Cosmetics, Part of her Holiday collection (12 days of Christmas thingy!) Now I got this whole set of lipsticks for 1100/- Rs. (12 Full size lipsticks mind you!). The seller called it as “First Copy” and a “high quality dupe”. The actual retail price of this Lip Vault is $110 (close to 7500/- Rs) and that is excluding the customs!

This is the main reason why people get so attracted to Fake cosmetics (among other reasons), The very low Prices. The second reason would be the almost perfect packaging which makes it look like the Original ones.

Looks completely similar to the real deal and yet so horribly different! So here’s what I did, I picked a matte liquid lipstick from the NYX lip lingerie range, for comparison purposes. You guys can actually see the difference for yourselves! Even so, here’s what I found out.

In the following pics, Top one is NYX liquid lipstick and the bottom one is the fake Kylie Lipstick- I chose Poise K (Duh!!!)

  • OK. First of all, the colours are way off. Most of the colours in the fake lip vault seemed similar and repetitive. The colours were sheer and needed to be built on 4-5 times! By then they got really patchy and flaky.

  • After the first coat of the lipsticks. NYX applied smoothly and dried up almost instantly. But the Fake Kylie Lipstick was so thin and watery, it took forever to dry! Even after it dried, it dried up so patchy and lumpy.


  • The NYX lipstick did not transfer at all. But the Fake Kylie Lipstick literally stuck to my arms.


  • After a little while, the NYX lipstick remained dry and perfect. The fake Kylie Lipstick however started to stick my lips together! It is so damn horrible.


  • When I tried removing the lipstick off, the NYX lipstick wouldn’t come off easily. It took 3-4 swipes but the lipstick came off smoothly and gradually. But the Fake Kylie Lipstick came off like how a Fake tattoo would come off. That’s the only way I can explain it as. It came off in patches like a paint peeling off from the wall.

Seriously guys, it is absolutely not worth it. Buying a Fake/ Replica cosmetic just because it looks so much like the real one. I know that not all of us can afford the Real ones but would love to be a part of all the hype and attention it is getting. But what are we loosing in order to get in on the race, that’s what matters.

The horrible smell, the texture, the way it dried on the lips, the way it came off, everything was bad. I couldn’t get over this feeling like I was wearing poison on my lips. I’m sure some people may have had a better experience with a Fake cosmetic but I’m surely not one of them.

Well, of course it is just a one person’s point of view. What do you guys think of it? Do let me know.

Love….. KANI…. 😘



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