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Puroland by Colorpop

Hi Friends,

The next one in the series of product reviews from Colorpop. This one is the combo called Puroland, A set of 5 Liquid lipsticks part of their Colorpop X Hello Kitty Collection. It comes with Milk Bottle, Mimmy, Ribbon, Tiny Chum and Lock Diary.
Milk Bottle, Mimmy, and Lock Diary are part of the Ultra Matte range. Ribbon and Tiny Chum are the Ultra Satin Liquid lipsticks.

The Combo retailed for $18 (about 1250/- Rs) for 5 Mini size Liquid Lipsticks.

Here are the swatches ❤

Tiny Chum- Ultra Satin Lipstick
Mimmy- Ultra Matte Lipstick
Ribbon- Ultra Matte Lipstick
Milk Bottle- Ultra Matte Lipstick
Lock Diary- Ultra Satin Lipstick

The Review –


  • I don’t really understand why there are 2 lipsticks that are called ultra satin. There is nothing satiny about the lipsticks! They dry matte too.
  • The matte lipsticks are matte as hell. Really!
  • The pigmentation is very good and strong.
  • It lasts simply forever, Even if you want if off!
  • Smells of chocolates
  • Packaging is super cute.


  • They are too tiny even though it is supposed to be mini size kit.
  • It dries out the lips completely.
  • Very hard to remove.

I really expected these liquid lipsticks to be some sort of miraculous wonder. They sure did not live up to my high expectations. Even so, I loved them. Maybe because they are SO CUTE!!!

Love….. Kani…..



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