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Confessions Sunday #4- Who/what makes me the Happiest! 

Hi Friends, 

This week’s Confession was requested by one of my beautiful readers – Debbie. 

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So to answer your question- I’m gonna take two routes here! 

1st – Who makes me happy! 

I won’t have to think even for a second! It’s my Daughter- Kayal. She is going to be 1 in two weeks! She is the light of my life. 

After delivery, I suffered through a mild depression (Post-partum depression!). All the pain I went through and the sleepless nights that followed left me really down. There were times I would cry for no reason and other times when I would struggle to even breathe! 

Through all of that, her face, her smile and her tiny little hands were my saviour! I knew I had to be strong and I have to get through this because she is waiting for me, depending on me! She is a true blessing! 😍😍😍

So the 2nd – What makes me happy!

I am simply elated when I know that my posts are actually being read before liked or followed for. 

Seriously, it is a kind of rush that feels amazing. Everyone blogs so that they can reach out to a lot of people and share their story or help them out somehow. And knowing that it is happening is a great feeling. When a while lot of people follow to be followed back, there are still a few who follow cuz they find your content amazing! 

For the very reason I was very happy to see Debbie’s comment asking me a question

I had mentioned in my previous post that I would base my next confession on the questions that my readers ask! It still holds good! So leave your queries in the comments below! 👇😊

Love……. Kani…….. 💖💝



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