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Look Like Her #2- Lakshmi Menon in Rekka movie

Hello Friends

It’s been really really long since I did another post on the ‘Look Like Her’ series. Been a little caught up but I am back and with an amazing look too!

This time I have recreated a look worn by the actress Lakshmi Menon in a song in the movie Rekka. (Tamil movie!😍)

Quick info- She is a south Indian actress, currently raising to fame. I like her because she has a dusky skin too and sports it proudly! I really like this look and have recreated it as perfectly as possible by me!


The look actually emphasises completely on the eyes (just like the way I love it) and is completed with a mellow nude makeup.

So here’s how I created this look.

I had to start off with my eyes as it is heavy black makeup and I had to consider that there would be a lot of erasing and re-applying. I was completely right. Ear buds dipped in makeup remover was my saviour!


  • I used Wet n Wild proline eyeliner to line out the wing on my eye lids. Surely it’s not exact, but I was quite happy with how it turned out.
  • I used the Nykaa black magic liquid liner to fill in the wings that I had created. (Surely not as easy as it sounds!)
  • I wasnt satisfied with the darkness and depth of the makeup. So I decided to press on the Nouba eyeshadow- Black over the whole wing.

It’s not very clean but its not that noticeable when the whole face is considered. πŸ˜‚ Also I forgot all about mascara! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚


  • I then Primed my face with the Maybelline baby skin instant pore eraser. It really does make a lot of difference.
  • I used my Maybelline Fit me matte+poreless foundation. Duh!


  • I used the Contour part of the Maybelline V-face Duo Stick to colour correct around my lips and the corners of my nose.
  • For my lips, I used the baby lips lip balm to moisturise it. πŸ‘„
  • Since Lakshmi Menon is sporting a nude pink lips, I chose the Maybelline colour sensational creamy matte lipstick in the shade lively violet. πŸ’‹


  • I set my face with the Essence cosmetics camouflage 2 in 1 compact.
  • I used the Essence cosmetics matte blush to give my cheeks a little warm dimension.
  • Finally I used the Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe balm for highlighting my cheek bones, nose and tips of my lips.

Here’s the completed look!Β 

And for a comparison-

Yeah! I’m satisfied!

What about you guys? What do you think of this look? Do mention in the comments below! 😊😊😊

Love…… Kani….. πŸ’–πŸ’



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