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Maybelline V-face Duo stick- Review 

Hi Friends, 

It’s been a while since I reviewed a product. So back again with a Maybelline product (I’m a huge fan of Maybelline, if you haven’t  already noticed!) 

This one is called the Maybelline V-face Duo Stick. It is a 2 way stick with cream highlighter on one end and a cream Contour on the other! They come in two variants- one for fair to medium complexion and another for darker complexion. I chose the medium one (maybe that was a mistake!) And highlighter is the same on both varieties. 

Quickly jumping into the review-

  • The highlighter is simply WOW. The shine particles are just the right size and the right amount! It makes the makeup look so glowing and professional! 
  • It lasts for a long time. 
  • Easy application- twist and use! 
  • The quality is amazing, true to Maybelline’s name! 
  • The Contour too is very creamy and applies well! Just glides on!
  • It’s totally a steal for the price! It retails for 650/- Rs only. And you get both Highlight and Contour. 

On the downside-

  • The Contour was of completely wrong shade for me. I even tried building it up but it simply didn’t work out as a Contour for me. I’ve decided to use it for colour correction purposes! 
  • Highlighter too needs to be built on for a more emphasised look. Strobing will simply take a lot more of the product. 

I was very impressed with this product and lately I’m reaching out for it every so often! So I decided to share one of my looks I created using the Duo Stick! 

In this look, I used the cream Contour part to correct the dark patches at the corner of my lips and nose! 

Also I have just about highlighted a little on my cheek bones, nose, forehead and cupid’s bow. 

I really loved the natural looking glow that it gives! It’s definitely a ‘worth for your money’ type of product! 

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