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Confession Sunday #5- Reverse cleansing of Face.Β 

Hi Friends, 

I’m sure all of you have heard about reverse shampooing of the hair. It’s all about conditioning the hair first and that’s followed by the shampoo. As supposed to shampoo followed by conditioner which is the regular method. People say that it makes your hair look lively and voluminous and whatever else the reason is, it simply doesn’t work out for me. 

Anyway, while this reverse cleansing of hair was gaining so much attention, I realised that I adopt the same method too but not with hair! It’s a well known face care routine that face wash is followed by scrub, Face mask and toner. However, I have come to realise that scrubbing the face first followed by the face wash works wonders for me. Especially while I have just wiped off my makeup and there are still traces of the makeup and grime left on my skin. 

It’s as simple as it sounds- I pick out my favourite face scrub, apply on wet face and gently massage it on my skin. This removes the dirt along with the dead skin cells, dry patches and everything unwanted. Following that, I use my face wash to perfectly cleanse my face and that’s it! My skin feels all fresh and smooth and completely free to breathe. 

Currently I am using 

  • Lakme clean up strawberry face scrub 
  • Lever Ayush natural fairness saffron face wash. (A post coming up all about this product!)

So that’s my confession for this week guys. Try it out and if you like it, then this confession can be considered a trick/hack as well!  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜

Love…… Kani…. πŸ’πŸ’–

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Cherry Blossoms inspired Eye makeup!Β 

Hi Friends,

Today I am gonna share a fun look that I created. It is a cherry blossoms inspired Eye makeup look. Now I have never seen these blossoms for real but I have seen them in pictures and movies. That was enough for me to fall in love with these beautiful blossoms. What’s not to love?! They look absolutely angelic!

Anyway jumping into the look, there is an amazing twist here! I created this look using the L’Oreal Lucent Magique Blush of Light Glow Palette – Fuchsia Flush! OK that is such a long name for a blush!

I got this blush as a part of a makeup combo by Loreal. I dint really like the blush as it is too bright for my taste. So when I thought of creating this look, this blush jumped right at me. πŸ˜‰

So starting off with how I created this look- 

  1. I primed my eyes with the B&D cream foundation in the shade No. 02
  2. For my eyebrows I used my wet n wild ultimate brow kit.
  3. Then I took the Blush and used the lightest shade in my inner corner, the medium pink shade on rest of my life and the darkest pink shade as the definer. I simply built the shades up until I was satisfied! VOILA! 😍
  4. Then I lined my eyes with my wet n wild proline eye liner. I smudged it out a bit so that it blends in with the look.
  5. For mascara I used my Lakme Absolute curling mascara.

For my lower water line, I used the Maybelline Colossal Kajal and smudged it a little. I then lined the outer part of my lower water line with the medium pink shade.

I am really happy with how this look turned out!

What do you guys think?

If you liked this look, then hook on to my blog for more! And do not forget to follow my page on Facebook and Instagram. πŸ’πŸ’–

Love……. KANI…….

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Look Like Her #3- Actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu in the movie 24.

Hello friends,

I’m back with another look for my favourite series! By the way, what do you guys think of this series? Do let me know in the comments πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡.

So moving on, This is a look worn by the South Indian actress, Samantha Ruth Prabhu in a Tamil movie ’24’!  To tell you all the truth, I never really watched the movie though The actor of the movie, Surya Sivakumar is my all time favourite. Never really have time to go to theatres and that too with my baby girl, No thank you!

Anyway jumping into the look. This look is so simple and at the same time very elegant and beautiful! According to me, Samantha has the most cutest and doll like perfect face among all the actresses in town. She looks perfect in any look that she wears! *Fan moment* πŸ˜…

In this look, she has kept her face makeup minimal and flawless. Paired together with smudged black eyes and tight lines eyebrows. She is sporting a nice pink lips to match her saree. All of that with puffed & twisted hairstyle- simply lovely!

How did I create this look?


  • I started off by applying my Maybelline baby skin primer on perfectly cleansed face.
  • Followed this by Maybelline Fit me foundation 322- warm honey.
  • I then used my Maybelline V-face Duo Stick- Contour too colour correct where ever required!
  • I set the whole thing with Essence Camouflage 2-1 powder.
  • I used the highlighter of the V-face Duo Stick to highlight my cheek bones, brow bones, nose and cupid’s bow.


  • For my eyes, I used the Black shade from my Maybelline ‘The Rock Nudes’ palette! I love this palette so much! πŸ’– I simply smudged this shade on upper and lower lids to get the smokey eyes that Samantha is wearing.
  • I lined my lower water line with Maybelline Colossal kajal
  • I then used my Maybelline Great lash mascara on my upper and lower lashes.
  • Finally, since Samantha has filled her brows black and bold, I used the mascara to comb down my brows. I then used the same black shade from The Rock palette to fill in my brows! Nice and dark and sharp! 😚



This is very simple & classy look that can be worn everyday. Uses very less amount of products too!

So, to compare-



Well, couldn’t find a filter that looks as warm as that of Samantha in the pictures! ☹️

Anyway, how does this look?

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Love…… Kani….. πŸ’πŸ’–

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Confession Sunday #5- The octopus hair!Β 

Hey Friends! 

I know I’m a day late, but we had some issues with the internet! So here I am with this week’s Confession. This one is more like a tip or hack than a confession. It is how I can guarantee a long, healthy and well nourished hair! “The Octopus Hair” πŸ˜‚

Once in a month, I make time to give my hair the care it so deserves. Since I am residing in a place where the weather conditions and water is so adverse, I have to follow this through if I want to maintain healthy hair. 

So what I do is, I take small portions of my hair just like the way we do while straightening or curling. I comb it out to remove any knots and then apply coconut oil to that section thoroughly. I then braid it (roughly) before I move to the next section. I continue to do this until all my hair is divided into about 8-9 braids! It looks really funny, believe me! Then I lightly tug at the braids, one by one, to improve blood circulation to the roots. This helps in the growth of your hair. I sleep on it so that the oil works it’s wonder all through the night before I wash it off the next morning! 

Why this method instead of the regular oiling of your hair? 

Simple- it is a guarantee that each and every hair is completely covered. Coconut oil has lot of amazing advantages and is very important for your hair. I know it’s too tedious a job and who has the time! But personally, it has been helping me a lot. 

Try this one out and do let me know how it worked out for you! 😊

Love….. Kani…. πŸ’–πŸ’

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Hot to Trot by Colorpop

Hello People

The next product review from my Colorpop order is the Combo of Lippie Stix and their matching Lip Liners. It is such a cute little combo with the Lippie Stix on the one end and the matching Lip Liner on the other! Very handy and very easy to carry.

This combo is again sold for $18 (approx 1350/- Rs). The shades and the Swatches are below.

Cookie and Skimpy
Bound and Cami
Bossy and Trust me
Dukes and Chateau

Jumping into the Review-


  • This one is so obvious but look at how cool and innovative the product is. Lipstick at one end and the lip liner on the other end.
  • Very compact and very handy.
  • Twist and use!
  • Applies on dreamy creamy!
  • The shades included are versatile and amazing.
  • Pigmentation is Bang on and stays put for a long time. It gets completely opaque in one swipe! 


  • Dries completely matte- needs to be worn over a lip balm.
  • Becomes patchy if not applied right! 

This one is just too handy guys. Whenever I need to go out, I reach out to these lippies ever since they arrived! 

What do you guys think of colorpop’s lippie stix? Do lemme know! 

Love…… Kani…… πŸ’πŸ’–

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Fake/ Replica Cosmetics-What you need to know!

Hi Friends

This one was very long due. I wanted to write up on this topic since a very long time, considering how much fame these replica cosmetics have gained recently. It took me this long just because I did not want to base my post on assumptions and the stuff I read online. So I went ahead and ordered for a Fake Kylie Holiday Edition Lip Vault! I know I know, That is too much for just a trial sake thing. But I actually thought it would be better than how bad everybody claims it to be. Well, I was wrong!

Anyway, I am sure you all know about this Lip Vault. It is a set of 12 Matte liquid lipsticks by Kylie Cosmetics, Part of her Holiday collection (12 days of Christmas thingy!) Now I got this whole set of lipsticks for 1100/- Rs. (12 Full size lipsticks mind you!). The seller called it as “First Copy” and a “high quality dupe”. The actual retail price of this Lip Vault is $110 (close to 7500/- Rs) and that is excluding the customs!

This is the main reason why people get so attracted to Fake cosmetics (among other reasons), The very low Prices. The second reason would be the almost perfect packaging which makes it look like the Original ones.

Looks completely similar to the real deal and yet so horribly different! So here’s what I did, I picked a matte liquid lipstick from the NYX lip lingerie range, for comparison purposes. You guys can actually see the difference for yourselves! Even so, here’s what I found out.

In the following pics, Top one is NYX liquid lipstick and the bottom one is the fake Kylie Lipstick- I chose Poise K (Duh!!!)

  • OK. First of all, the colours are way off. Most of the colours in the fake lip vault seemed similar and repetitive. The colours were sheer and needed to be built on 4-5 times! By then they got really patchy and flaky.

  • After the first coat of the lipsticks. NYX applied smoothly and dried up almost instantly. But the Fake Kylie Lipstick was so thin and watery, it took forever to dry! Even after it dried, it dried up so patchy and lumpy.


  • The NYX lipstick did not transfer at all. But the Fake Kylie Lipstick literally stuck to my arms.


  • After a little while, the NYX lipstick remained dry and perfect. The fake Kylie Lipstick however started to stick my lips together! It is so damn horrible.


  • When I tried removing the lipstick off, the NYX lipstick wouldn’t come off easily. It took 3-4 swipes but the lipstick came off smoothly and gradually. But the Fake Kylie Lipstick came off like how a Fake tattoo would come off. That’s the only way I can explain it as. It came off in patches like a paint peeling off from the wall.

Seriously guys, it is absolutely not worth it. Buying a Fake/ Replica cosmetic just because it looks so much like the real one. I know that not all of us can afford the Real ones but would love to be a part of all the hype and attention it is getting. But what are we loosing in order to get in on the race, that’s what matters.

The horrible smell, the texture, the way it dried on the lips, the way it came off, everything was bad. I couldn’t get over this feeling like I was wearing poison on my lips. I’m sure some people may have had a better experience with a Fake cosmetic but I’m surely not one of them.

Well, of course it is just a one person’s point of view. What do you guys think of it? Do let me know.

Love….. KANI…. 😘

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ο»ΏPuroland by Colorpop

Hi Friends,

The next one in the series of product reviews from Colorpop. This one is the combo called Puroland, A set of 5 Liquid lipsticks part of their Colorpop X Hello Kitty Collection. It comes with Milk Bottle, Mimmy, Ribbon, Tiny Chum and Lock Diary.
Milk Bottle, Mimmy, and Lock Diary are part of the Ultra Matte range. Ribbon and Tiny Chum are the Ultra Satin Liquid lipsticks.

The Combo retailed for $18 (about 1250/- Rs) for 5 Mini size Liquid Lipsticks.

Here are the swatches ❀

Tiny Chum- Ultra Satin Lipstick
Mimmy- Ultra Matte Lipstick
Ribbon- Ultra Matte Lipstick
Milk Bottle- Ultra Matte Lipstick
Lock Diary- Ultra Satin Lipstick

The Review –


  • I don’t really understand why there are 2 lipsticks that are called ultra satin. There is nothing satiny about the lipsticks! They dry matte too.
  • The matte lipsticks are matte as hell. Really!
  • The pigmentation is very good and strong.
  • It lasts simply forever, Even if you want if off!
  • Smells of chocolates
  • Packaging is super cute.


  • They are too tiny even though it is supposed to be mini size kit.
  • It dries out the lips completely.
  • Very hard to remove.

I really expected these liquid lipsticks to be some sort of miraculous wonder. They sure did not live up to my high expectations. Even so, I loved them. Maybe because they are SO CUTE!!!

Love….. Kani…..

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Zingara by Colorpop!

Hi Guyz…..

I am coming out with the reviews on the products I got from Colorpop, Just like I promised I would. Starting obviously with the one that I loved the most! Their Eye-shadow collection has got a lot of praise and appreciation and now I know why!

The combo looks like so, 4 mono eye-shadows.


2 matte shadows, 1 satin and 1 pearlized. I got a chance to get a peek at their range of eye-shadows, one eye-shadow from each type. It is sold for $18 (about 1250/- Rs) for 4 mono shadows.

Here are the swatches—

Jinxie- The Pearlized mono eye-shadow
Paradox- The satin one
Elixir- Matte eye Shadow
Seeker- Matte eye shadow
So quickly reviewing the product-

  • They are so damn silky and creamy and applies like a dream.
  • The pigmentation is SPOT ON.
  • It lasts  for a really long time.
  • It is absolutely affordable (about 310/- Rs each)
  • I loveeeeeeeeeeee Them.

I know you guyz are expecting me to mention the cons/ negatives as well. But seriously guyz, I couldn’t find a single negative point to say about these little pieces of magic. πŸ™‚

Have you guyz tried them yet? If you have, then what are your favourite shades? I would love to know. And if you haven’t, Then rush! Right now!

Love……. Kani……

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Look Like Her #2- Lakshmi Menon in Rekka movie

Hello Friends

It’s been really really long since I did another post on the ‘Look Like Her’ series. Been a little caught up but I am back and with an amazing look too!

This time I have recreated a look worn by the actress Lakshmi Menon in a song in the movie Rekka. (Tamil movie!😍)

Quick info- She is a south Indian actress, currently raising to fame. I like her because she has a dusky skin too and sports it proudly! I really like this look and have recreated it as perfectly as possible by me!


The look actually emphasises completely on the eyes (just like the way I love it) and is completed with a mellow nude makeup.

So here’s how I created this look.

I had to start off with my eyes as it is heavy black makeup and I had to consider that there would be a lot of erasing and re-applying. I was completely right. Ear buds dipped in makeup remover was my saviour!


  • I used Wet n Wild proline eyeliner to line out the wing on my eye lids. Surely it’s not exact, but I was quite happy with how it turned out.
  • I used the Nykaa black magic liquid liner to fill in the wings that I had created. (Surely not as easy as it sounds!)
  • I wasnt satisfied with the darkness and depth of the makeup. So I decided to press on the Nouba eyeshadow- Black over the whole wing.

It’s not very clean but its not that noticeable when the whole face is considered. πŸ˜‚ Also I forgot all about mascara! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚


  • I then Primed my face with the Maybelline baby skin instant pore eraser. It really does make a lot of difference.
  • I used my Maybelline Fit me matte+poreless foundation. Duh!


  • I used the Contour part of the Maybelline V-face Duo Stick to colour correct around my lips and the corners of my nose.
  • For my lips, I used the baby lips lip balm to moisturise it. πŸ‘„
  • Since Lakshmi Menon is sporting a nude pink lips, I chose the Maybelline colour sensational creamy matte lipstick in the shade lively violet. πŸ’‹


  • I set my face with the Essence cosmetics camouflage 2 in 1 compact.
  • I used the Essence cosmetics matte blush to give my cheeks a little warm dimension.
  • Finally I used the Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe balm for highlighting my cheek bones, nose and tips of my lips.

Here’s the completed look!Β 

And for a comparison-

Yeah! I’m satisfied!

What about you guys? What do you think of this look? Do mention in the comments below! 😊😊😊

Love…… Kani….. πŸ’–πŸ’