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To those girls 

Who pushed me down in the classroom

And dragged me out by my hands 

Left me at the door 

Ashamed and heart broken! 

To that gang of students

Who laughed at me and called me names

Just because I was dark-skinned

Whenever I walked by,

Head hung low, heart beating loud! 

To that boy 

Who started to cry and create a scene 

Just because he was made to sit next to me 

Whole class laughed, but at me!

I sat there, face hot, eyes red! 

To that boy 

Who said I was so ugly that,

If he saw me suddenly, 

He would die of heart-attack!

I expected that trip would be better,

But yet again I was fooled!

To all those people 

Who undermined my confidence! 

To all those people 

Who kept me weak and afraid! 

To all those people 

Who made me feel miserable!

To all those people 

Who made me feel unworthy!
P.S. In India, Bullying in schools is not given much attention. Many parents have no clue that their children are being bullied. Cuz it does not harm the children physically. But mental and emotional Bullying is just as bad, especially at that age! 

So this poem is for all the parents out there. Raise your children right! And pay attention to your children, A lot of attention! What happens now, shapes the person they are going to turn out to be in future!



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