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The moment I was born,
All our relatives Taunted you,
“It is a GIRL! And look at how dark she is!”
“How will you find her a suitable groom?”

You kept your patience and smiled,
“She is my daughter, She looks like me!
She will grow up well,
she will make me proud one day!” You said.

The taunts did not stop there!
But you never let me know of it.
You fought all of my fights for me,
Against this chauvinist society and its views,
You raised me into a bold and confident girl!

Society said, “She has studied enough!”
But You Let me choose my own career path.
Society said, “Get her married off right away!”
But You encouraged me to find a job.
Society said, “Don’t ask for her views, she is a girl!”
But You never decided for me without my consent.

You gave me everything I asked for,
And lot more that I Did not even think of.
You gave the courage,
You gave me the strength.
You have raised me right,
Ready to face this world,
Knowing it for what it is!

Maybe for that very reason,
When the doctor said to me, “It’s a girl!”
I smiled and said, “Thankyou God!”
Because I know that I Can raise her well too,
Just like you did me!

P.S. Even Today, Having a girl Baby is frowned upon in many parts of India. For this very reason Sex determination of the baby is Banned! I found out I had a girl baby only when she was born!!! It was surely a very suspenseful and exciting experience for us. 🙂



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