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House #22- Café, St. Thomas Mount!

Hi Friends,

Ever since I moved to Chennai, I couldn’t wait to start exploring the place to find some good restaurants and cafés! Thanks to Zomato India, I was able to find a lot of places to visit near by. This one though, simply jumped out of the list especially due to its unique and quirky name!

So the first chance we got, my hubby and I ended up here!

I won’t lie, Seriously my first thought was, “Are you telling me this isn’t a haunted house?”

Keeping in mind that it is supposed to be vintage and rustic according to the theme, but as soon as we entered we were welcomed by a mild stench! We then had to shift my gour seats and it was OK!

The décor was really beautiful considering the theme again! Vintage photo frames and huge mirrors were all over the place. The table and chairs too were quite ornate and beautiful!

The menu was not at all in par with the place and theme! There were French fries and pizzas and burgers! I would have expected more of coffees and cookies and snacks!

Anyway, we decided to try the chicken lasagne which wasn’t nice at all! Just 2 sheets of pasta stuffed with a lot of minced chicken. No cheese, no sauce, no flavours! It was very dry and blatant. The only flavour was from the barbeque sauce on the top layer which was completely off the place! The drinks we ordered were pretty ok. Hazelnut cold coffee and a lemonade! But it’s still quite pricey!

The place is kind of very quite and serene (or it was when we visited). I did not get any romantic vibes from the place except for the silence! It wasn’t really cozy or intimate! But it’s very spacious and the couches and chairs are very comfy. I felt like it’s well suited for book lovers, writers, bloggers, work from home opters and brooding poets!

Kani’s view- This cafe can be visited purely to enjoy it’s calmness and serene atmosphere. The vintage setting is like a studio for selfie lovers! It’s OK for a one time wish list visit! 

Love…… Kani….. 💖💝



Passion- Writing and Reading Interests- Beauty, books, movies, FOOD! Combine the both together and you get the most smashing Blog ever!!! :) Love......... Kani..........

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