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Colours of Love!

So many colours, So much joy,

So many people around,

But any colour she looks at,

It reminds her of him!

She looks at the bright red,

She remembers the Tilak on his forehead!

She looks at the Royal Blue,

She remembers his beautiful Eyes!

She looks at the Deep Green,

She remembers the Peacock Feather on his Hair!

She looks at the Soft Pink,

She remembers his Lotus Feet!

Their tomorrow is not tied together

Or so he says!

But,”Krishna, Today is mine and for today you are mine!” She thought.

“Today, I will shower you with the colours of my love.” She smiled.

Because loving him was never a choice for her!

It was her DESTINY.

P.S. The poem is based on the eternal love of Radha-Krishna and the colourful Holi Festival!



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