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It Was a Happy Womens Day, Indeed!

I’m a full time mommy of a 10 month old baby girl. My daily routine is wake up when my daughter wakes up, bathe her, feed her and get her to take a nap and that routine repeats like 3 more times in a day. When she sleeps I try to get some of my household chores done but mostly I go to sleep beside her as I get really tired. When my husband comes back from work, sheΒ spends some time with her dad while I wash the vessels and clean the house. Between all of this I squeeze some time out for bath and food. Wearing a nice dress, putting on some makeup, getting ready and going out for some fun hasn’t happened to me ever since I got pregnant.

So when my sister came to visit and that too with the womens day coming up, we couldn’t stop ourselves from planning a girls day out! Since I am new to the city myself, I dint know much about where to go. Thanks to Zomato, we found a decent resto-lounge just 10 mins away from home. Getting our kids to take their nap at the same time was the most tedious job of all. The second that happened, I asked my grams and brother to take care of the kids and we ran out (Literally)!

After such a long time, it felt so relieving to chill with a cocktail and some nice food. We were mostly reminiscing about our college days but even the nostalgia felt good. we turned into our younger, carefree selves for a little while!!!

That said, women are left with just that. Lots of memories and lots of nostalgia. We tend to put it aside for the sake of our family and children. Once in a while though, we need our time and space to reconnect with ourselves. Forget for a moment that we are also a daughter, a sister, a wife or a mom and be selfish At that moment. When that moment ends we will get back to our lives and even more happily so! πŸ˜†πŸ˜‡

LoVe KaNi……. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’



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