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What is in the Complexion?! 😡😡😡

Hello Friends

So this morning, My Granny just turned on the TV and left it at the infomercials channel by mistake! I was feeding my baby girl and did not pay much attention to what was playing on the TV until I heard this-

“Fair Look! To make you look fair and beautiful!”

And then a man comes on and says, “I am the manager of a company. But due to my dark complexion, no one treated me with respect. Even the guard standing at the gate would mistake me for some random guy on the street and stop me from entering my office! Due to this I was very embarrassed and depressed. Ever since I started using Fair Look, everything changed!”

Scenes show guards at the gate saluting at this man (now has fair complexion), all his male colleagues are talking to him with much respect and the female colleagues are all swooning over him!

Next a lady comes up and says,

“Due to household works and children, I had no time to take care of my skin. Soon my skin turned dark and dull. My children were ashamed to be seen around me and my husband started losing interest in me. One day, I came across Fair Look and it changed my life completely! My husband can’t take his eyes off me and my children can’t wait to go out with me!”

Now this infomercial, boiled my brains out! It is so wrong for so many reasons! About 2 generations ago, people paid so much attention to complexion and that couldn’t be helped! In this day and age, such thoughts need to be eradicated and people who encourage such thoughts need to be shunned! Instead what I see is, not only are such thoughts being encouraged but they are also being presented to a wide population with “Buy 1 Get 1” offer! What the hell is wrong with the world?!

What is in a complexion? Who says Fair is Beautiful? Why would 20 year old girls swoon over a 50 year old man, just cuz he is Fair? And husband loosing interest in his wife because she was dark-skinned?! This is the situation in India and everywhere else in the world, Girls and Guys are rolling on the beaches, trying to get tanned! Oh My God!

I have not exactly got an “A” in my school but I have always fared quite well. I got into a great engineering college with my CET merit. I got placed in WIPRO through campus interview. I felt like that was not the right path for me and decided to do my Masters in Management (Human Resources). I worked for a while, I got married and I had a child! But how can I have achieved all of this? I am a Dark Skinned Indian Girl! If what these infomercials are trying to prove is right, then i shouldn’t have had good education or got a job or a husband for that matter!

Seriously guyz, I have been born and bought up in this country and I love it more than my life! But the rules, the customs, the religious sentiments, the narrow-minded thought process etc. is simply getting on my nerves! It is about time I break this cycle of bad thoughts, at least for the sake of my daughter and her generation!

Like I always say- Beauty is all about Perceptions! 🙂

Love………… Kani………….



Passion- Writing and Reading Interests- Beauty, books, movies, FOOD! Combine the both together and you get the most smashing Blog ever!!! :) Love......... Kani..........

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