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Deborah Milano Atomic Red Matte Lipstick- Review

Hi Friends……

Have I mentioned how much I love to try out lipsticks from different brands? And how much I love matte lipsticks? And how much I can’t live without a deep red shade in my kitty? Yeah, that’s all me.

I was browsing around the store for yet another red matte shade when the sales girl from the Deborah Milano stand told that they are having few promotional offers. I thought, I am getting to try a new brand and that too at a discounted price, it couldn’t get any better than that.

This is from their Atomic Red Mat range of lipsticks. First of all, this range had all of these deep and earthy shades, just like the way I love it. There are reds, maroons, coppery reds, browns and a few nudes.

This shade, Atomic Red Mat 01, is kind of a coppery red shade (though doesn’t look like it on picture). Comes in a matte black tube. The shape of the lipstick however is a little weird (not a fan).

It lasts well enough and suits Asian skin tones amazingly. I got it for 34 AED (approx 600 Rs) which is a decent range for a matte lipstick. Overall, I am happy I tried it out but I won’t be going for another lipstick from the range.

Kani’s view- It’s surely not for people who love bright colours like pinks, oranges etc. Its the best option for formal looks as it will blend with your skin-tone and not draw much attention to them! They are for people who are more into brown/earthy shades.

Love….. Kani…..



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