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Online shopping- Boon or Con?

Hello People,

I was not so much into online shopping because according to me, it is nothing compared to the satisfaction I get from shopping physically from stores. The touch and feel, Trying it out before buying and the best part is, you pay and get the product immedietly. When you shop online, its great alright. But you need to wait for a minimum of 3 days to get the product in your hands!

Anyway, that changed. It started cuz I had no time to go to a shop, my work was consuming all of my time. On the other hand, my work was giving me a lot of access to a laptop with an internet connection. So during the smallest break I got, I would go online and start browsing through the stores. When that happened, I realised that for my every single want or need, there was an online store available. I could find Apparels, skin care, cosmetics, bath and body, jewellery, bags and watches, footwear and everything I would ever want. It’s not just about fashion and lifestyle goods. I could order for food online, I could book for a service online, I could even get groceries and vegetable to my doorstep through online stores! How grand is that?!

Also, most of these products cost lesser than their retail price when purchased online. Of course because the sellers save a lot of money on rent, electricity and other utilities. Over and above that, they have few A-mazing Sale once in a while where there are further discounts on the products. During one such sales I got around 70% off on products from Lakme, Maybelline, Revlon, Loreal etc. I literally stole the whole store! Even if you have to wait a day or two to receive the stuff you ordered online, when they do arrive, it’s a party! I have shopped online every other day and even then when I receive a shipment, I almost cannot contain my excitement. That excitement wouldn’t die down until I have opened the box, unfolded the bubble wraps, took out the product and tried it on! Depending on how well the purchase worked out for me, the excitement will be followed by either content or disappointment! Even if it’s disappointing, there’s no need to worry because I can return it within 7 to 15 days and the money I paid will get transferred back to my account! Isn’t that lovely!

You guys must be thinking, if I love online shopping so much then why did I ask if it is a Boon or a Con! There’s a reason friends and it is very important I discussed it. Online shopping is not all unicorns and rainbows! But no one is able to see it over all the discounts and all the different brands and varieties of products brought to your finger tips! So what are these cons that were are over looking?

1. Most of the products sold at discounted rates are manufactured at least an year before. They have been kept on shelf all this while and now it’s lying warm and snug in your cupboard! That simply means only one thing-you need to use up the product within 3 to 6 months or simply throw it into the garbage.

2. What looks amazing on the pictures on a website may not really look good on you or work out for you! Of course you can return them if it dint workout for you. But there are a few products that cannot be returned due to hygiene reasons. Like you cannot return a lipstick cuz the shade looked horrible on you!

3. It is very addictive. You go online to buy a pair of loafers and before you know it, you are checking out with a bag, 2 watches, a dress and a few lipsticks. After a few minutes you realise that you have forgotten all about the loafers which was the actual reason why you went online! So you go online again and the circle is repeated!

4. It clutters up your cupboard, your brain and your life. Every free moment you have, you will try to find something that you “NEED” to buy online. But when it comes to online shopping, the NEED never simply gets met! And before you realise it your cupboard is filled with all these products that you don’t even remember buying! (At least that’s the case with me!) πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

5. Basically it’s quite unsafe. I know it’s really comfortable when you get everything delivered to your door step. But at the same time, some stranger gets an easy access to your phone number and your home address! And that is so damn unsafe in many many levels.

So if all of these cons are worth over looking, then online shopping is really the best thing that’s happened to us. We can actually Work around these negatives and turn online shopping advantageous for us. And the best way to do that is by actually identifying and understanding the negatives.

But of course, to each their own guys.

Happy shopping…….. 😍😍😍

Love……… Kani……… πŸ’•πŸ’“πŸ’—



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