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Happy Valentine’s day!!!

Hi Beauties,


Valentine’s Day is very special for everyone…………… Except my Husband! He thinks it’s for immatured kids who get excited for silly reasons and go about throwing away their money on roses and chocolates! How Romantic is that?!

I however, think differently. I too don’t really believe in valentine’s day, but I believe in Love. I like to see people celebrating the Love they have for each other. In a world like ours that’s filled with wars, diseases, corruption and so on, such small celebrations are the only ones that help us hold on to Hope. They are the ones that keeps our lives going and pushes us to live to the fullest!

Every year, either I have a valentine or I don’t, I like to go out to a place filled with people celebrating the valentine’s day. Some couples match the colours of their dress, some of them are so shy to even look at each other, some couple are so talkative and some couple simply look into each others eyes! It’s all so Romantic and exciting for me, to just see so much of love in the air!

This year too, I convinced my husband to take me to a near by restaurant that was all decorated beautifully with lanterns and balloons! But it was a total bust in Chennai! (thank you Tamilnadu political drama). I did not get to see a lot of people celebrating valentine’s day for sure but I did get to spend some time with my hubby (for first time in over an year!).

Anyway, that was just how valentine’s day is for me! Hope you guys had an exciting day (or having an exciting day).

Much love….. Kani…… πŸ’•πŸ’πŸ’—



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