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Go Oxidized this Valentine’s Day- with Abinaya Retail! 

Hello friends,

This particular post is something really special and close to my heart simply cuz I am doing my part in realizing a girl’s dream by supporting her small business! It is Not about some huge brand that has millions of followers all over the world. It is about a business, run single handedly by an young girl, who’s major motive is to make every women feel special and beautiful! Abhinaya Retails is an online jewellery store run by Abhinaya Ganesan. She sells an amazing range of Oxidized German Silver jewellery which includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, nose pins and chokers! Abhinaya Retails is majorly an Instagram store and it also has a Facebook page where you can browse through the range of jewellery it offers.

I used to be a huge fan of Oxidized jewellery but over time, the craze for Oxidized jewellery subsided! Recently I came across Abhinaya Retails on Instagram and my love for Oxidized jewellery re surfaced (looking at the page, anybody would fall in love). I immediately contacted the seller on Instagram DM to enquire about the prices. As soon as I got to know how affordable these pieces of wonder were, there was no stopping me! I was about to raid the whole store (literally!) But I controlled myself and ordered for just one neckpiece! Now, just look at this beauty!!! 💗💗💗

I got this particular neck piece for 250 Rs + 35 Rs for shipping! I received the jewellery in just 2 days! During the whole time, the seller, Abhinaya was very polite and respectful. But on receiving the parcel, I was even more surprised by the amount of respect and dedication she has towards every customer! It was the personalized, hand written thank you letter sent along with the jewellery! I was truly amazed by this!


The store has a truly mesmerising collection! Below are just a few that I loved the most (or planning to buy, I can say!)  😋



Nose Pins (hook ons)…


Every item in the store is unique and every item is beautiful! The jewellery stands out from among the common gold, silver jewellery or zirconia stone jewellery! Who wants to be ordinary when you can be extra ordinary, Right?!
It seemed really selfish to keep such am amazing store from the rest of the world. So, this valentine’s day, Go Oxidized With jewellery from Abhinaya Retail. 

INSTAGRAM—– Abinayaretail

FACEBOOK—– Abhinaya Retail

Much Love…….. Kani……….



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