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The Body Shop mini Haul and Review πŸŒΏπŸŒΈπŸ’—

Hello Friends.

I have never really been attracted by The Body Shop and it’s products. I feel it’s a little too costly for my taste. Yes, they do have a wide variety of products with nature inspired aroma. These products are also enriched with nature inspired nutrients (or so they say) which can be used for the benefit of our skin. At the end of the day, I wouldn’t ever want to spend a fortune on something that I use everyday like soaps, shower gels, body butters etc. However, Recently, I was very pleasantly surprised by their range of lip butters (which I’m crazy about now) and I thought I should try a few other products too!

While I was in Dubai this January, I noticed that The Body Shop was having a sale for the DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival). What excited me even more was, they had these trial size version of few of their products. This was my best chance to try out their products. So I went in and picked these and walked out with a huge smile on my face!

The first product i picked was The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body scrub. After pregnancy, the area around my neck had become very black and patchy. My friends suggested a lot of stuff and one of them was the green tea scrub. Since I had tried out all other suggestions and failed, I decided to go for this one.

It is a 50 ml Trial pack as supposed to the full size version of 250 ml. I got this one for 25 AED which is not so bad. It has a very strong smell of green tea (If you like green tea then it’s great! I don’t!) and something like mint. The consistency is a little runny but it’s filled with the scrub particles so it works! Has it worked on my dark patches? Very little, but it’s a progress! 😊 Over all,Β I’m happy I decided to try this out.

The Body Shop British Rose- Instant Glow Body Butter! Oh God, It’s so tiring to just type out the whole name of the product. Especially when the size of the product is not as much as the name! 😝 This is again a trial size of 50 ml (full size- 200 ml) and I bought it for 25 AED. I picked this product solely cuz of their amazing range of Lip Butters.

I have never smelt a British Rose (or seen one either) so i wouldn’t know if the aroma of this product is inspired from it. To me, the product has a very strong talcumy smell to it. It smells just like my Vaseline Healthy white lotion! The product’s consistency is very thick and creamy. It absorbs into the skin very well and makes it look shiny and glowing. The moisture stays on for a really long time. Overall, I’m very impressed by this product. Will surely go for the full size version when I’m done with this. πŸ’–

This is my third pick. The Body Shop Born Lippy Plum Lip Balm. I simply wanted a twist and use lip balm which is easy to carry and use as supposed to the lip butters which are dip and use type! This is a full size version and it cost 28 AED for 5 gms of the product.Β 

The balm smells of berries and has a light purple tint. When applied, it forms a very thick layer in a single swipe. Unlike other lip balms, I did not need to re apply it very often (my lips are too dry and chapped). It is really amazing and keeps the lips very moisturized and plump for a long time. πŸ‘„ Love this product!

This is the last product that I picked. The Body Shop Strawberry Soap. I have read a lot about The Body Shop’s range of soaps. They are supposed to be very creamy and smell very delicious. My shower gels from I Love…… Cosmetics achieve these two things as it is. Yet, I thought its worth giving it a try. This is also a full size version and I bought it for 21 AED for 100 gms (A bomb to spend on a soap!).

The strawberry soap does have a very deliciously strong strawberry scent. However, It was neither very creamy nor did the smell last for long! Half way through using this soap, I realized that my Lux Creamy Perfection lathered up so much more and felt so much more creamier! So, this product was a disappointment!

Kani’s View- The Body Shop has its own set of fans and devotees. I’m just not one of them! Of course they have a few amazing products like their Lip Butters (DUH!!!) and their Lip Balms. The body butter is not bad either. But like I said at the start of this post, If I am going to be using a product on an everyday basis, I prefer to buy it from more budget friendly brands!



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