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7 Days of Blogging- Day 5- My Current Skin Care Favs 

Hi Everyone. 

Keeping the challenge up and running, even though my baby girl is making the challenge even more challenging!! So, I thought of sharing my current skin care routine and my current favorites with you all. I will also give a review on the products, so read on! 💗

1. I Love….. Strawberries and Cream shower Cream…. 

I love to have a choice of a soap as well as a shower gel for bath. Depending on my mood, I choice one of them. Shower gels are more preferable to me simply because of their amazing smell! Soaps are fine but not as great smelling as shower gels. And then I came across shower creams by I Love…… cosmetics! It simply bowled me over guyz!

They are so creamy, soothing and moisturizing. At the same time they smell so damn delicious. And they are so affordable! What more can anyone expect? They have a wide range of fruity flavors including mango, raspberries, coconuts etc. I went on and bought a gift box that had all of their flavors in sample size bottles!

2. International Lux Creamy Perfection Soap. 

Lux is my go to brand for bathing soaps. They have an amazing range of flavors too. I have tried almost every one of those flavors (chocolate was my favorite) but I found myself turning back to creamy perfection very often! It is simply too creamy and the aroma is very soothing! Also, its quite gentle on the skin and doesn’t dry it out. I have used it in places where water quality is bad (I mean, Hard Water) and yet the soap does its job well! Love it!

3. Ponds White Beauty Facial Foam

When it comes to face wash, I always prefer foaming face-wash. I do have a combination skin but sometimes it looks slightly on the oily side! So, gel face washes make my face look very oily and unclean. I have used foaming face-wash from various brands like L’Oréal, Nivea, Dove etc. I don’t have a single favorite in this department.

Ponds is very effective face-wash. It foams up really well and removes the dirt completely from the face. The smell is nice too and it is very affordable. Only set back is that, it dries the skin very much. After washing my face, I always need to follow up with a lot of cream to give my skin its moisture back!

3. My Special Face Mist

This one is not for sale guyz! It is my own special blend that I use as a face mist or toner. It’s nothing huge. Just a piece of lemon boiled well in some clean water. I then filtered it and let it cool. After cooled, I transferred it to a spray bottle that I got from store!

I refrigerate this bottle and use it as a toner or a face mist after washing my face. It helps in closing the pores just like any other toner. But it also does a lot more work on the skin. I will talk all about it in another post! 😊

4. Olay Beauty Fluid- Day Lotion

Olay is the love of my life! I’m very serious you guyz. Their range of creams and face washes feel like they were made keeping ‘ME’ in mind! Every time I wear the Olay cream, I feel like it is giving my skin a nice warm hug!

So I used to use their Natural White day cream with SPF. But ever since my baby, I shifted to this yet another amazing creation by Olay- Beauty Fluid. It does not have any SPF but that’s what I wanted. It is a thin fluid that gets absorbed completely by the skin. It makes the skin very soft and supple and keeps it well moisturized for a Really Long time! It is simply marvelous!

5. The Body Shop Lip Butter- strawberry

I have already done a post on The Body Shop Lip Butters! Do check it out here-

I really have nothing new to say! Ask the praise I had to give to this genius of a product, I have already given! I have only Love love love and more loveeeeeeeeee for this product! 💋

That’s my current skin care routine and my current favorite products. Am I missing out on something amazing? Do lemme know in the comments below!

Love…… Kani…… 



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