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7 days of blogging- Day 4- Beautiful from Within!

Beauty that comes from wearing makeup, nice hairstyle, stylish dresses etc. Is amazing. But at the end of the day, it is just temporary. The moment you wash up and remove it all, that beauty is gone. There is a constant beauty in you, Even when you have washed your face, let your hair down and put on some worn out pyjamas (baggy nightie in my case!). That’s the beauty which lasts forever. Here are a few simple ways to enhance your natural beauty!

1. 3 Liters water a day


I have these bottles inspiring me to drink water! 🙂

This particular point has been told and re-told over so many years cuz it is very very very important. What a simple thing such as drinking 3 bottles of water a day can do to your body and face? You will actually be very surprised!

Drinking water replenishes your skin and improves it’s ability to heal and regenerate. Do you know what this means? This means your skin will remain youthful for a longer time! Water also helps in flushing away all the toxins from your body. It keeps your skin moisturized and healthy which in turn will give a natural radiating glow!

2. Fruits and vegetables


This one too has been iterated over the years. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Raw or boiled, juice or salad, anyway you like, any amount you like, any type you like! Just give a lot of importance to fruits and vegetables in your everyday diet.

First of all, they make you very healthy and they improve your immunity. Secondly, they are natural sources of protein, vitamin, iron, fiber etc. No need for all those pills and supplements! Finally, like water, these too make your skin stay youthful and glowing from within. They have a lot more advantages to them but I cant list it all here!

3. Meditate for 15 Minutes Daily


This one is relatively new but the importance of meditation goes back centuries! Because when you are calm, relaxed and stress-free, it surely shows on your skin. Meditating for a mere 15 minutes in a day will transform you completely. You will be more healthier and happier for sure but it will also improve your concentration, decision making skills and your ability to handle tough situations calmly!

The more calm and composed a person is, the more serene and eternally pretty they look. I have seen a sage, his face completely covered in beard and mustache. But the moment he opened his eyes from meditation, his eyes were glowing and he looked divine! Not saying it has any connection with god or some higher power and all that! But that amount of meditation does make a lot of difference!

4. Let your skin breathe


This is a very important point ladies. Even if you need to be on makeup the whole day, just wash your face clean at night before going to bed. Do not apply any moisturizer or night Cream or anything. Just use a toner (natural ones like rose water if possible!) and go to sleep. Your skin needs some breathing time to regenerate and replenish. Also, when you let your skin be, the natural oils and moisture secreted by your skin will start working its wonder! When you wake up, you will wake up to a more fresh and healthy looking skin! So let you face sleep naked! 🙂
5. SMILE………….. A LOT………..


This is not a tip, it’s a rule! Just smile, smile and keep smiling. You don’t need reasons for smiling. Have you ever seen just born babies? They smile in their sleep, a lot infact! Do they need any reasons? NO! Don’t they look cute when they smile?! ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! It’s the same thing with grown ups too. Don’t you worry about looking like an Idiot! Because, Smile is a very contagious thing. It makes you happy from within and when people look at you, it will remind them to smile as well! Soooooooo….. Turn that frown, upside down!!! 🙂

That is my tips and tricks to a healthy, happy and beautiful you- In the longer run!

Love……. Kani……….



Passion- Writing and Reading Interests- Beauty, books, movies, FOOD! Combine the both together and you get the most smashing Blog ever!!! :) Love......... Kani..........

2 thoughts on “7 days of blogging- Day 4- Beautiful from Within!

  1. I love your post. It’s reminding me of the things I have been doing but not consistently. I do agree with the water bottles! My water bottles motivate me to drink more water too! I definitely need to do meditations again! Thank you for posting this! 😘


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