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7 Days of Blogging Challenge! DAY 1!!!

Hi Friends,

Taking up challenges has become such a huge sensation lately. Everywhere I see, people are taking up challenges oh so proudly! The 5 minutes makeup challenge, The no mirror makeup challenge, the all products under Rs 100 makeup challenge, getting your boyfriend (or your Father in IISuperwomenII’s case :P) to do your makeup and so on! I too wanted to be a part of this fun sensation but I dint know what challenge I could take up that was fun for ME! Because trust me, If I got my father or hubby to do my makeup, I would have to hear an hour-long lecture about how beautiful I look without any makeup! That said, I brainstormed for over a week and came up with this!

*Drumrolls Please* The 7 Days of Blogging challenge!

I have just about started blogging and I am loving it! There would be no other challenge that would be this fun for me. So, get ready guys, to get to know me and my Blog better. Over the next week, I will be posting stuff closest to my heart. I swear I will try to make it interesting and in line with the subject of my Blog!

Any comments or suggestions are most welcome guys. Keep on showing me your support and love!

Love……… Kani…….



Passion- Writing and Reading Interests- Beauty, books, movies, FOOD! Combine the both together and you get the most smashing Blog ever!!! :) Love......... Kani..........

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