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Kobo Touch ereader- Review

HI friends

I know I have been speaking a lot on cosmetics and skin care that it seems like makeup is my only passion. However I have another very strong passion, READING! I love to read books and my all time favourite author is Sydney Sheldon. I also love Stephen king’s books and lately I’m starting to like Frederick Forsyth’s books. I have always gone to bed with a book in my hand for as long as I can remember. Maybe it’s all the reading that encouraged to incline towards writing as well. This blog itself is an outcome of that very passion.

So, I am totally old school when it comes to reading. I love it in the form of books, physically present in my hands. I can draw in them, mark my favourite parts, fold pages as book markers etc. However, I haven’t been in a single place ever since my pre- university (That’s 2005. God it makes me feel so old!) So carrying all my books around became impossible. I had to dispose the books right after I was done reading them and if I wanted to re- read one, I had to buy them all over again! This was depressing me out when one fine day, I came across ereaders for the first time.

Growth in technology has finally turned its kind grace at us book lovers! So you may ask, why not a tablet instead of a ereader. You can do a lot more stuff on it as well as read books! That’s were you fail to understand a book-lovers mind-set. We do not want distractions. All we want is to get AWAY from the distractions and to sit with a book in hand and get so engrossed into it that nothing else in this world matters! That’s the pleasure no amount of iPhone or tablets or iPod or TV shows can live up to.

Kobo Touch ereader just fulfilled all of my necessities completely. It has 2GB internal storage that can accommodate up to 1000 books easily. Plus it has a micro SD slot which can extend the storage up to 16 GB (that’s a whole lot of books!!). Once charged completely, it can be used for weeks at a time. It is handy and light weight! It is sleek and the glare free screen makes the reading very easy on your eyes.

There are all these settings to customize the ereader to accommodate all your necessities like the size of the text, how to turn pages etc. You can bookmark a page by just touching at the corner and a cute little fold mark appears, just like how we fold the page to bookmark it! You can load the eBooks onto the reader via the USB cable as well as download them directly from the kobo store via Wi-Fi! In short, it is absolutely a dream come true for every book lover. And Plus Also, I got it for like 199 AED (Approx. 2985 Rs) only!!!

Ever since I got the Kobo Touch ereader, I haven’t parted with it even for a single day. It also has this small space which shows the statistics of your reading habit like how many hours you have read, how many books you have read etc. It’s like a motivation for me to read more!

Of course nothing is absolutely perfect and so there is a flaw in this device too. And that is, there is no back light on this thing. Which means I can’t use it in the night like any other electronic device! I have to keep the lights on else I can’t read from it! It is a little disappointing but I realise that it only gives the device a more book like feel. Of course, there is no back light in a book. You have to read it only when there is light around you. So, I got used to this small flaw in the device.

Lately my baby girl has been making it very tough for me to get to a book but I’m waiting patiently for the day when I will be free again. That day I will get out my ereader and a cup of coffee and get back to this love of my life!

Kani’s view– If reading is your passion and this fast flying world is getting in the way of your passion, get an ereader. It need not necessarily be the kobo touch. Amazon Kindle has a few amazing models too. Kobo touch is however very much budget friendly and easy to use and the best one to start with for a beginner! But Whatever it may take, just don’t give up on books and on reading!

Love….. Kani……



Passion- Writing and Reading Interests- Beauty, books, movies, FOOD! Combine the both together and you get the most smashing Blog ever!!! :) Love......... Kani..........

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