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M.A.C Retro Matte Liquid Lip colour- Review

Hi Friends,

If you are a lipstick junkie like me and a budget conscious at that, then I bet that your all time dream will be to get your hands on a M.A.C Lipstick. It is the most famous high end brand well known for their professional quality make-up. They have a very wide range of products and colors. Walk into a MAC store and it feels like you have walked into a make-up Wonderland! Also, There is something in there for people of all ages and all races!

So obviously, I too was saving up and looking for a right time when I can get my hands on a MAC! Finally, VOILA!!!!!
M.A.C Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor!!!! In the shade Dance with me!!!
It is Matte, It is Red, It is Liquid Lipstick and IT IS MAC!

Ok, First of all I would really love to share my experience and my feelings at the store. MAC is this highly priced high-end Makeup brand that the very name of it intimidates me! And just look at their Lipsticks! They all look like Huge Black bullets that are ready to burn a hole through your pocket and into your heart!

Pic Courtesy- Google Images

So as I walked into the store, the sales ladies did not even bother and my 7 month old was babbling and shouting in her pram. All the lipsticks were on the display and I couldn’t make out which range they were from (They have Retro Matte, Cremesheen, Liptensity, Viva Glam, Huggable Lipcolor and so on!!). I tried twice to catch the attention of the sales ladies but they were busy at something (Bitchy huh!)

Through all that, I still enjoyed the feel of it all. I randomly tried on a few shades that I knew would suit Indian skin-tone (which I had researched in advance about!) and finally I settled on this one! It is by far my most Priced Possession (Literally too! :D).

Jumping into the review, do I even need to say it?! It is simply amazing!

The tube and packaging is really cute and handy. Its a transparent tube through which you can see the color of the product with their trademark black bullet-like cap!

The name of the product is on the bottom of the box as well as the tube!

The applicator is very well designed with a tiny hole in middle so the product distribution is even and can be used from either side!

The pigmentation is simply marvelous.

The formulation is very velvety and glides on the lips nicely.

The coverage is amazing, in one swipe of the applicator, the whole lip is covered. And it is so opaque, there is no need for second layer!

It stays put for a very very long time guys! I was out with it for nearly 6 hours and I did not even have to re-apply it! When i got back home, I needed to get it off with a lot of Micellar Water and Remover!

That said, the only draw-back about the product would be its price (Duh!). I got it for 130 AED (Approx 2340 Rs). Apparently in India the same product costs about 1850 Rs only! Right there, I have lost about 500 Rs!

Another problem with it is, It stains on the lips! It cannot be used subtly. It is Strong, Bold, Bright and here to stay! 

Over-all I am really happy I got myself to purchase this product!

Kani’s View- Everyone should have at-least one of MAC’s Lipsticks! Even if you have to shell out your pockets, its worth it! Go on to their store and try a few shades until you find your shade. Just like your trademark scent, you need your trademark lipstick too! 🙂

Love….. Kani…..



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