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Colored eye-liners: Create a Fun New Look!

Hi guyz. …

This post is not so much a review as it is a suggestion for your own make up look. I would love to share this with you all as it is my most favourite way to glam up without spending a lot of money or time. Enter ‘COLOURED EYE-LINERS’.

Since I am a bit lazy, I try to find ways and shortcuts around stuff. This is by far my best shortcut. After my routine face wash and moisturize, I go for some talcum and a pink gloss. I simply divert the whole attention to my eyes (Indian girl you know!) I just take a coloured eye liner pencil (the one that matches my dress) and line my upper lid with thick stroke. I then smudge it out slightly and complete the look by tight lining my upper and lower water-line with jet back kohl. This makes me look all glamed up while I have spent like only 10 mins on the whole makeup look.

This was my go to routine when I was in college. When I started working, I had to go for Subtle makeup, So I had bid goodbye to all the colours! Lately however, I simply couldn’t stop myself from bringing the colors back into my life. Especially after seeing these amazing eyeliner pencils.

It’s a random brand that I haven’t heard of but the quality is really good. The pigmentation is great, it’s very creamy and glides on perfectly. What attracted me the most was the range of colours they had. It is simply a treat for anyone who’s like me. I got these for about 10 AED each (approx 180 Rs) from Ansar Gallery in Karama, Dubai.

The only problem I found with these is that they smudge away a bit easily. When worn over a eye-shadow primer or even a bit of concealer, it stays put for a longer time.

Kani’s view- It’s festive season and we need to look at par with those colourful twinkly lights all around us. This is the most fun and easy way to bring some color and sparkle on us. So get a few coloured eye liners for the simplest glam look and rock the party!

Love….. Kani……



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