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Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow kit- Review

Hi Guys…..

Once upon a time, long long ago, Eyebrow makeup was such a big deal. The stray brow hairs were tweezed out (painfully!), the brows were then combed down, lined with a kohl pencil and filled in.

Over time, Eyebrow makeup was skipped out of the makeup routine. Understandable, what with all the fake lashes, fake eyebrows, highlighting, contouring etc the makeup routine has grown very long and very time consuming.

Now, However, Eyebrow makeup is making a comeback and I am very very happy about it. Maybe I feel so because in India, most emphasis is given to the eyes. It makes the face look more elegant and expressive (we girls speak a lot with our eyes than our lips). So, I have been celebrating this comeback with this amazing Wet N Wild Ultimate Eyebrow Kit.

This Kit is absolutely ultimate you guys. It is suitable for both starters as well as professionals. It comes with a plain wax, a light brown shade (powder) and a dark brown shade (Powder too). It also has a brush or applicator, a tiny little metal tweezer and a mirror. The size is perfect and can be carried around easily. Do we need anything more?

The colors are perfectly pigmented. It works like so, After grooming the eyebrows we must mix the wax with the choice of our color and then apply to the brows. This makes the makeup last long. The lighter shade for daytime looks and the darker shade for night-time looks. I also try to find various uses out of a product. So whenever I just want to groom my eyebrows and make them stay, I simply apply the wax alone for a completely natural look. Also I fill my brows with just the powder whenever I am out only for a short while.

That said, This Kit is worth every penny , especially when it is just 20 AED (360 Rs).

Kani’s View- Eyebrow makeup has come back big time and Wet N Wild Ultimate brow Kit is a must have in everyone’s life. I guarantee that you wont be disappointed.

Love….. Kani…..



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