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Top 5 Skin Care products of 2016- My List

Hello Friends,

So, I thought of doing a post on skin care products. But that will be a very very very long post if I have to fit all of it in a single post. Hence this idea! As the year has come to an end, I have decided to sum up all of my most used skin-care products of the year. Here you go! 

1. Olay White Radiance- Brightening Intensive Lotion

Olay has been my go-to brand for day-creams and moisturizers every since I used it for the first time. I have of-course tried out face-creams from a few other brands like Lakme, Ponds etc and learnt it the hard way that NO other product suits me as well as Olay does! Their mild yet powerful formula keeps the skin hydrated and protected from sun, dust and makeup too.
Olay has a wide range of day and night creams. This is by far one of the best. It is so light and so it forms a nice base for the foundation. For the days when I am not in the mood  any make-up, I simple use this lotion and set it with some talcum! This in itself gives a very moisturized subtle glow to the skin that no amount of makeup can give!

2. Himalaya Herbals Baby Powder

Talcum is a very necessary part of my daily routine! My most often skincare routine is after face wash, I moisturise and set it with a talcum and finish of by putting on some kohl and a lip-balm. So that said, a good talcum is very important for me! I have tried on a few talcum like ponds, white-tone, spinz etc. But I have never been attached to any of it as much as Himalaya Baby powder! I know I know! It is meant for babies and I did bump into it only when I started using it for my baby girl. That doesn’t mean we cannot use it guys! Our skin too needs to be taken care of, like that of a baby’s!

Himalaya Baby Powder is made completely out of natural ingredients and tested dutifully for the mildness to suit baby skin. It is light as feather and hence covers out all the pores on the skin to give a very even look.  It also makes the skin feel so soft and smooth. At the same time, it does not dry out your face or make it patchy! I have been loving this powder ever since I started using it!

3. Vaseline Intensive Care- Spray Moisturiser

Vaseline is the second brand to introduce spray moisturizer, following parachute I suppose! I have tried parachute’s spray moisturizer but wasn’t very impressed with it! So when I saw that Vaseline has introduced the spray moisturizer, I was a little skeptical about trying it out. I have been using Vaseline’s Healthy White moisturizer very diligently and I loved it. But the curiosity in me won over and I picked this one up!

I must agree, this did not impress me much either but it is surely way better than the parachute’s! It comes in a can and continuous spray has been enabled for more coverage. Spray moisturizer doesn’t mean you dont need your hands to rub it in. You still have to spread and rub the moisturizer into your skin. It just looks fancier than a bottled moisturizer, that’s all. But the formula and the quality is true to the name of Vaseline! I mean, I have been using Vaseline products for moisturizing my skin ever since they only had their petroleum jelly!

4. The Body Shop Lip Butter

I really have no words to say about this product! It is one of my best finds of this year!
I always stayed away from The Body Shop Cuz paying 200Rs for a bar of soap did not seam to me like a smart thing to do. So when I was browsing an online store for few lip butters and The Body Shop’s Lip butters popped up, I was a little hesitant. I mean, It cost about 350 Rs for a 10ml (8.5 gms) of the product! I did a quick match and found that it costs the same as my usual spend on a lip-balm (Maybelline baby lips costs 175Rs for 4 ml product). Next thing you know, I have ordered two of their lip butter’s in the flavor shea butter and strawberry! You can see from the Pic itself how much I am loving this product!

It is so creamy, so fragrant, so sweet and so moisturizing! I swear to god, it is the best thing that has happened to lip butters!

5. Johnson’s Daily Essentials- Refreshing Cleansing wipes

Last but not the least, My favourite product for cleansing and removing the make-up on the go! Johnson’s Daily Essentials cleansing wipes! It is simply the best. It is so cleansing and so refreshing and so moisturizing. Especially when in travel, It removes the dirt and dust off the skin in the most gentle way. There is no need for rinsing your face either!

So these are the 5 products that has topped my list in the skin-care department in the year 2016! What are your favorites?

Love….. Kani….. 



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