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Wet n wild lipsticks Review

Hi Friends.

We all know about the famous drug store cosmetic brands like L’Oréal, Maybelline, Revlon, Lakme etc. They are all great and I am die hard fan of Maybelline. There are however some fewer known brands and I really wanted to try them out this time. I started with Wet n Wild and I must say, it was an amazing surprise for me. Their Range of products and their Affordability was really luring me into buying the whole display.

With a lot of self control I chose to try out lipsticks first as I’m literally a collector of lipsticks. First one I picked was a matte shade from their range “Mega last matte lip cover”. I chose to go with a spicy maroon shade to suit the festival season that’s coming up.

This is in the shade cinnamon spice, it really called out to the Indian in me. 😉

This is absolutely gorgeous rustic maroon shade and it had a velvety matte finish. It sets in about a minute of application and transfers only lightly. Lasts through a meal and a drink.

The next one is from their “Silk Finish lipsticks” collection, which is on the glossier side. This is in the shade Blind Date which is also a little maroony red but with a nice glossy finish. I simply love how moisturised my lip feels with this one on. It lasts relatively shorter though.

I am a fan of these products simply because they are so pocket friendly. I got the matte lipstick for 20 AED (360 Rs) and the glossy shade for 15 AED (270 Rs). I spotted these at Ansar Gallery, Karama, Dubai. However I also came to find that this brand is catching up fast and is available in many supermarkets and hypermarkets as well as online stores too.

Kani’s view– It’s by far the most budget friendly, quality lipsticks I have used. Their range and shades are spectacular. So rush for it.

Love….. Kani…..



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