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Essence Cosmetics Haul & Review! ūüíüūüíó


This one is going to be long and loaded with a lot of pictures! So sit back guyz. 


As you can see above, I went a little too crazy at the Essence cosmetics stand! It was not at all the sales girl’s fault you all, it was all ME!!! Essence Cosmetics is so damn Budget friendly, At the same time, their range of products, range of colors, quality, quantity etc is good enough to give a tough competition to many drug store brands. That said, Lets jump into the Haul and Review.




1. Essence Camouflage 2 in 1 Compact- 40 Honey Beige

It is a high coverage matte compact that can be used over a foundation or it can also be used as a foundation. Just take a wet beauty blender and blend the product on a moisturized skin. They come in 4 shades and I got the shade- 40 Honey Beige, It kind of has a rose undertone which suits me well. 

Quick Review-

  • High Coverage- Not SO much
  • Matte- Yes
  • Lost Lasting- Good Enough
  • Pros- Very compact, Glides on Easily, Blends well, Cost- Effective
  • Cons- can get a little patchy, Color options may not work for fair skin tones.
  • Price-¬†16¬†AED (Approx 280 Rs)

Kani’s View-¬†Good enough for the price you pay. But you can actually spend a little more and get a good compact as it is very important to set your foundation right.

2. Essence Matte Touch Blush- 30 Rose Me Up

This one was my best buy I must say. It is a matte blush in the shade 30-Rose me up. It adds the much required warmth to the face. It will suit brown skin tones amazingly. 

Quick Review- 

  • Matte- Yes
  • Long Lasting- Good Enough
  • Pros- Its very creamy and glides on well, nice pigmentation, cost effective
  • Cons- Nothing that I can think of. It has topped my favorites this season.
  • Price-¬†12 AED (Approx 210 Rs)¬†

Kani’s View-¬†It is an amazing product for the price. I simply loveeeeeeeeee it!

3. Essence Strobing Highlighter

Is there anything to say about this? Its all well said in the picture itself. I like the cute patterns on these products. It gives a very rich look even though the products are not at all pricey. 

Quick Review-

  • Pigmentation- Spot on
  • Long Lasting- Good Enough
  • Pros- Nice formulation that is easy to blend, subtle (I love it like that)
  • Cons- It is a little powdery for Strobing purposes. So if built on, It may look a little cakey. Its only suited for a subtle highlight.
  • Price-¬†16¬†AED (Approx 280 Rs)

Kani’s View-¬†Lovely product you all. Especially if you are a starter on highlighting or do not want to spend a bomb on highlighters, Pick this up! Does the job just well!

4. Essence Eyebrow Designer- 03 Dark Brown

Eyebrow Pencil in the shade 03- Dark Brown. If you are a starter at brow makeup, this is the best one to start with. It is very easy to use. The brush at the cap can be used to brush down stray hair and shape it before filling it in with the pencil.

Quick Review-

  • Pigmentation- Not so good
  • Long Lasting- Not so much
  • Pros- All in 1 for Eyebrow Makeup, Budget Friendly
  • Cons- Needs to be sharpened, Doesn’t stay on for long.
  • Price-¬†9¬†AED (Approx 160 Rs)

Kani’s View-¬†If you want to just try if Eyebrow makeup is for you, only then go for this. For those who cannot live without a filled eyebrow, this is a huge NO NO.

5- Essence Lon-Lasting Eye Pencil- 18 Berry Merry

This is from their twist and use eye pencils range. They also have the ones that needs to be sharpened every single time! But I prefer twist & use! This is in the shade¬†18 Berry Merry.¬†If it was up to me, I would have got their entire range but thank god I didn’t.¬†

Quick Review-

  • Pigmentation- Great. It is a little shiny but not bling glittery!
  • Long Lasting- Good
  • Pros- Very Creamy, Twist & Use type, Nice range of Colors
  • Cons- VERY CREAMY. The product actually broke off as I was applying it on! If I had bought more shades it would have been a disappointment!
  • Price-¬†10¬†AED (Approx 180 Rs)

Kani’s View-¬†I love color eye-liners. I have even done a post on color eyeliners. However, this one was a disappointment simply because it was breaking off every single time I applied it on! I say NO!

6- Essence 2 in 1 Eyeshadow & Liner- 02 Peach Perfect and 05 I’M Blue

This range is also truly amazing, It is the 2 in 1 Eye shadow & Liner. They come in the chubby stick form that are of twist and use type. The Shades were very limited but these 2 shades simply called out to me. They are¬†02 Peach Perfect and 05 I’M Blue.¬†

Quick Review-

  • Pigmentation- Spot on
  • Long Lasting- Not so much
  • Pros- Nice and Creamy Formulation, Glides on Perfectly, can be used as a eye-shadow as well as a liner (as mentioned on the stick!)
  • Cons- Just that it fades away soon, but it can always be used over a Primer.
  • Price-¬†12 AED each (Approx 210 Rs)

Kani’s View- Best Buy & Must have.

7. Essence Matte Long-lasting Gloss- 03 Girl of Today

In the overall haul, This is the only product that actually disappointed me the most. It is from their Matte Long-lasting Lip-gloss Range. It is neither glossy nor long lasting. The color range was again very limited. They had a Bright Pink, an Orangey Red, a Deep Red, a Mauve pink and a Nude. I got the Mauve shade that is called 03 Girl of Today.

Quick Review-

  • Pigmentation- Ok
  • Long Lasting- No. For a matte shade its really bad.
  • Pros- Very Budget Friendly matte liquid lipstick in the market! (I am really trying here!)
  • Cons- Very powdery, Very Drying, The applicator is bad, Doesn’t stay on. Huge disappointment.
  • Price-¬†11 AED (Approx 198 Rs)
  • Kani’s View- NO NO NO NO NO.

8. Essence Velvet Matte Stick- 03 Mega Melon & 05 Plum Perfect

This is a velvety matte lipstick in a twist and use pencil form. Again they had only 5 or 6 different shades in this range. I straightaway picked 2 shades from this range which is 03 Mega Melon & 05 Plum Perfect. Mega Melon is kind of a orangey red shade which is a little bright for my taste but can be teamed up with a quirky outfit for a daytime look. Plum Perfect is the truly perfect plum red shade that suits me the most.

Quick Review-

  • Long Lasting- Yes
  • Pros- Easy to use, can be used to line the lips and then fill in, Doesnt dry out the lips.
  • Cons- Limited colors.
  • Pigmentation- AMAZING
  • Price-¬†9¬†AED each (Approx 160 Rs)

Kani’s View-¬†Way better than the liquid lipsticks. These can actually be used well. They are totally worth it!

9- Essence Glossy Stick- 03 Luminous Rosewood

Very similar to look as the velvet matte stick, this one is their glossy lipstick in a twist and use pencil form. It is in the shade 03 Luminous Rosewood which is a perfect nude pink. The best part about this product is its name and any Pretty Little Liars fan will agree with me!!!

Quick Review-

  • Pigmentation- Good
  • Long Lasting- Ok
  • Pros- Nice creamy formula, not too glossy, very moisturizing.
  • Cons- Needs to be built upon for proper color pay-off.
  • Price-¬†9¬†AED (Approx 160 Rs)

Kani’s View-¬†It is Good but if you have to go for a glossy lipstick, their sheer & shine range is wayyyyyy better!

10- Essence Sheer & Shine- 03 & 15

I finally end this post with this last purchase which is the Sheer & Shine Lipsticks by Essence. They did have matte and glossy shades in the lipstick forms too. But it did not appeal to me as much, so I chose the Velvet matte Sticks and the liquid matte Lipstick. This range though simply called out to me. As much as I have come to love matte lipsticks, I always feel glossy and creamy lipsticks are way better for the lips. They are not so drying even though they last for lesser time. This range was true to my thoughts. They have a good range of colors and I chose 03 & 15. I think they do not have any names to them, but correct me if I am wrong!

Quick Review-

  • Pigmentation- Sheer but can be built
  • Long Lasting- Good
  • Pros- Creamy glossy moisturizing piece of marvel!
  • Cons- just that its sheer! But I simply LOVE it!
  • Price-¬†10 AED each (Approx 180 Rs)

Kani’s View- A HUGE YES!¬†And for the Price, It is absolutely Amazing!

Essence cosmetics is just like any other brand you guys. There are few truly amazing products as well as few totally disappointing products. If you do not believe in my review, try it out for yourselves! You might be very surprised! ūüôā

Love….. Kani……

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M.A.C Retro Matte Liquid Lip colour- Review

Hi Friends,

If you are a lipstick junkie like me and a budget conscious at that, then I bet that your all time dream will be to get your hands on a M.A.C Lipstick. It is the most famous high end brand well known for their professional quality make-up. They have a very wide range of products and colors. Walk into a MAC store and it feels like you have walked into a make-up Wonderland! Also, There is something in there for people of all ages and all races!

So obviously, I too was saving up and looking for a right time when I can get my hands on a MAC! Finally, VOILA!!!!!
M.A.C Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor!!!! In the shade Dance with me!!!
It is Matte, It is Red, It is Liquid Lipstick and IT IS MAC!

Ok, First of all I would really love to share my experience and my feelings at the store. MAC is this highly priced high-end Makeup brand that the very name of it intimidates me! And just look at their Lipsticks! They all look like Huge Black bullets that are ready to burn a hole through your pocket and into your heart!

Pic Courtesy- Google Images

So as I walked into the store, the sales ladies did not even bother and my 7 month old was babbling and shouting in her pram. All the lipsticks were on the display and I couldn’t make out which range they were from (They have Retro Matte, Cremesheen, Liptensity, Viva Glam, Huggable Lipcolor and so on!!). I tried twice to catch the attention of the sales ladies but they were busy at something (Bitchy huh!)

Through all that, I still enjoyed the feel of it all. I randomly tried on a few shades that I knew would suit Indian skin-tone (which I had researched in advance about!) and finally I settled on this one! It is by far my most Priced Possession (Literally too! :D).

Jumping into the review, do I even need to say it?! It is simply amazing!

The tube and packaging is really cute and handy. Its a transparent tube through which you can see the color of the product with their trademark black bullet-like cap!

The name of the product is on the bottom of the box as well as the tube!

The applicator is very well designed with a tiny hole in middle so the product distribution is even and can be used from either side!

The pigmentation is simply marvelous.

The formulation is very velvety and glides on the lips nicely.

The coverage is amazing, in one swipe of the applicator, the whole lip is covered. And it is so opaque, there is no need for second layer!

It stays put for a very very long time guys! I was out with it for nearly 6 hours and I did not even have to re-apply it! When i got back home, I needed to get it off with a lot of Micellar Water and Remover!

That said, the only draw-back about the product would be its price (Duh!). I got it for 130 AED (Approx 2340 Rs). Apparently in India the same product costs about 1850 Rs only! Right there, I have lost about 500 Rs!

Another problem with it is, It stains on the lips! It cannot be used subtly. It is Strong, Bold, Bright and here to stay! 

Over-all I am really happy I got myself to purchase this product!

Kani’s View-¬†Everyone should have at-least one of MAC’s Lipsticks! Even if you have to shell out your pockets, its worth it! Go on to their store and try a few shades until you find your shade. Just like your trademark scent, you need your trademark lipstick too! ūüôā

Love….. Kani…..

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L’Or√©al Hydra Total 5- Micellar water- Review

HI Friends.

So, I thought that It is important to discuss about removing the makeup at the end of the day! It is the world’s worst decision to let the makeup stay on your skin when you are done with the day. Sleeping with the makeup on can cause a lot of damage to your skin including rashes, Pimples, drying out of the skin, clogging the pores and even leads to wrinkles and other aging related signs! That is a very high price to pay for a moment of laziness. But I am a mother of a 8 month old baby girl and I need to find quick and easy fixes for everything!

So, I was out to find a simple way for makeup removal, A lazy girl’s shortcut product and I found this-¬†Micellar Water!

Micellar water is still a very uncommon and unknown product in India. Cleaning off the makeup is taken care by makeup removers alone. Else the good old soap or face wash does the job just fine!

But micellar water is not just another random thing that professionals have put out there to con us out of our money. It is a real deal you guyz. It looks and feels like normal fresh cold water but just wipe your face with it and say BYE-BYE to dirt, grime, heavy/ light makeup etc etc. At the same time, your skin is left so hydrated and supple, there is no need to even moisturize!

Micellar water is actually soft water in which microscopic (very very very tiny) oil particles are suspended. These suspended oil particles are called micelles (hence the name). These micelles actually hook on tightly to the dirt and other unwanted particles on your skin. When wiped off, all of this unwanted particles comes off. You don’t even have to rinse your face after using micellar water. It is basically¬†every lazy girl’s best friend!

The first time I went in search of micellar water in the supermarket, naturally there were various brands on the shelves. The only ones that caught my eyes were from Garnier and L’Or√©al! I blindly chose the¬†L’Or√©al’s micellar water. It is called the L’Or√©al Hydra Total 5 Micellar Cleansing Water. Now this is my second bottle and I am very very happy with it so far. It has literally shortened my night time routine so much, all I do is wipe away all the makeup with micellar water and just go off to sleep. And my skin feels more and more healthy and hydrated by the day!

I bought this one for¬†33 AED (approx 595 Rs)¬†from a supermarket near my home. Micellar water is available in various other brands too, if you do not prefer L’Or√©al!

Kani’s View-¬†It is a must have for every girl, be it you are a heavy makeup user or light makeup user. Even if you do not use makeup at all, it is a good idea to clean your face with micellar water at the end of the day. Use it religiously and I guarantee you will notice a huge difference in your skin.

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Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow kit- Review

Hi Guys…..

Once upon a time, long long ago, Eyebrow makeup was such a big deal. The stray brow hairs were tweezed out (painfully!), the brows were then combed down, lined with a kohl pencil and filled in.

Over time, Eyebrow makeup was skipped out of the makeup routine. Understandable, what with all the fake lashes, fake eyebrows, highlighting, contouring etc the makeup routine has grown very long and very time consuming.

Now, However, Eyebrow makeup is making a comeback and I am very very happy about it. Maybe I feel so because in India, most emphasis is given to the eyes. It makes the face look more elegant and expressive (we girls speak a lot with our eyes than our lips). So, I have been celebrating this comeback with this amazing Wet N Wild Ultimate Eyebrow Kit.

This Kit is absolutely ultimate you guys. It is suitable for both starters as well as professionals. It comes with a plain wax, a light brown shade (powder) and a dark brown shade (Powder too). It also has a brush or applicator, a tiny little metal tweezer and a mirror. The size is perfect and can be carried around easily. Do we need anything more?

The colors are perfectly pigmented. It works like so, After grooming the eyebrows we must mix the wax with the choice of our color and then apply to the brows. This makes the makeup last long. The lighter shade for daytime looks and the darker shade for night-time looks. I also try to find various uses out of a product. So whenever I just want to groom my eyebrows and make them stay, I simply apply the wax alone for a completely natural look. Also I fill my brows with just the powder whenever I am out only for a short while.

That said, This Kit is worth every penny , especially when it is just 20 AED (360 Rs).

Kani’s View- Eyebrow makeup has come back big time and¬†Wet N Wild Ultimate brow Kit¬†is a must have in everyone’s life. I guarantee that you wont be disappointed.

Love….. Kani…..

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Wet n wild lipsticks Review

Hi Friends.

We all know about the famous drug store cosmetic brands like L’Or√©al, Maybelline, Revlon, Lakme etc. They are all great and I am die hard fan of Maybelline. There are however some fewer known brands and I really wanted to try them out this time. I started with Wet n Wild and I must say, it was an amazing surprise for me. Their Range of products and their Affordability was really luring me into buying the whole display.

With a lot of self control I chose to try out lipsticks first as I’m literally a collector of lipsticks. First one I picked was a matte shade from their range¬†“Mega last matte lip cover”. I chose to go with a spicy maroon shade to suit the festival season that’s coming up.

This is in the shade¬†cinnamon spice, it really called out to the Indian in me. ūüėČ

This is absolutely gorgeous rustic maroon shade and it had a velvety matte finish. It sets in about a minute of application and transfers only lightly. Lasts through a meal and a drink.

The next one is from their¬†“Silk Finish lipsticks”¬†collection, which is on the glossier side. This is in the shade¬†Blind Date¬†which is also a little maroony red but with a nice glossy finish. I simply love how moisturised my lip feels with this one on. It lasts relatively shorter though.

I am a fan of these products simply because they are so pocket friendly. I got the matte lipstick for 20 AED (360 Rs) and the glossy shade for 15 AED (270 Rs). I spotted these at Ansar Gallery, Karama, Dubai. However I also came to find that this brand is catching up fast and is available in many supermarkets and hypermarkets as well as online stores too.

Kani’s view– It’s by far the most budget friendly, quality lipsticks I have used. Their range and shades are spectacular. So rush for it.

Love….. Kani…..