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Shop Miss A haul- Part 2

Hi guys, 

So for the second part of my haul, I am gonna be sharing all the eyeshadows, palettes and primers that I got on shop miss A. 

  • 5 colour palettes by Kleancolour

Beautiful palettes. I really really loved these. The shades selection was cute and the pigmentation was perfect! It’s cute and very handy too. Happy purchase! 😁

  • 8 colours palette by Princess A

One of the worst palettes ever. The shades were so dull and lacked pigmentation. When tried to be built upon, it just got patchy and cakey! Sad purchase! ☹️

  • Eyeshadow trio by Santee

By far the best purchase in the eyeshadow section. The pigmentation is so amazing. It’s very silky too and applied like a dream! I loved the shades. Very happy purchase. 😍

  • Eyeshadow primer by Kleancolour (Matte)

This one is very tricky guys. It’s not very easy to work with. Makes my eyes very patchy. I had to use it along with a bit of my beauty oil to make it work. Confusing purchase! 🤔

  • Frameous brows by Kleancolour (Brown)
  • Brow pomade by Kleancolour (cocoa)

The tinted brow mascara by Kleancolour works like a charm guys. Only thing is it leaves my brows stiff as a stick. But easy to apply and time saving. So loving it. 😍

The brow pomade is a waste guys! This is supposed to be a dip brow gel! But the gel is so thick and so hard to apply! Pigmentation is lighter than I expected. I cannot even use this guys! 😡

  • Shimmer Bricks highlighter by A2O lab. (Rainbow Pearls)

By far! Best purchase of the lot. I’m crazy about highlighters and obviously I had to get highlighters when I shopped in shop miss A. But I found only this highlighter range interesting enough so I bought only one. 

This one is very pigmented and dreamy cute. Applies well. Stays on. I love it. Especially the holographic effect is amazing.  ðŸ˜ðŸ˜ðŸ˜˜ðŸ˜˜

So that’s it for this post guys. Hold on! There is yet another part to come from my shop miss A haul. So stay tuned. ☺️☺️

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Shop Miss A haul- part 1

Hi guys, 

I’m sure most of you have shopped at or at least heard about ShopMissA. And for those who don’t have any idea, it is an online store that sells all sorts of cosmetics and beauty tools for $1 each! I have heard a lot about it and for the first time, I gave it a shot and was very pleasantly surprised by the quality I got for such cheap rates!

First of all, this store is American and importing my order to India was very very costly business. For one package of $38 worth products, I paid custom charge of about 2000/- Rs. Shipping to anywhere worldwide costs $8 for orders upto $40. If within USA, shipping is free for orders above $35. 

That said, let’s look at the haul. For this path I’m covering all the lip products I bought. 

  • Metallic liquid lipsticks by AOA cosmetics

Shade- Moon
Shade- YASS

These lipsticks are matte and super shiny. They are better used as lip toppers rather than lipsticks. These are similar to the Huda lip strobes. They have huge range of shades! $1 each.

  • Lip trio Lipstick by L.A. Colours

This piece is my biggest regret in this haul. L.A. Colours do not pay much attention to the quality of the lipsticks I suppose! This one was very dull and not at all pigmented. Very drying! ☹️

  • Liquid lipsticks by Santee and Kleancolour 

The coral pink shade is the soft matte range by Santee. Did not like the shade much as it made me look ghostly! Quality was amazing. 

The Nude brown shade is from the madly matte range by Kleancolour- Browns! This one is by far my favourite. It’s best to give retro kinda look. 😍😍

  • Lip Scrub by Beauty Treats and Lip Balm by Amuse.

The Almond Crème lip Scrub by Beauty Treats is again one of the best buys on shop miss A. It’s so creamy soft and has the tiniest scrub particles best suited for such a sensitive area like lips. It smells delicious and does its job perfectly!

The sphere lip balm by Amuse is just one of those buys that was for try and throw. And trust me, that’s what I did. I’m very particular when it comes to lip balms and prefer only Maybelline baby lips. This one did not smell good, did not last long and did not moisturise. So it is useless! I threw it out after the third use! ☹️😡

So that’s all for my Shop Miss A- Lippies haul. Stay tuned for the next part which is all about their eyeshadows and eyeshadow base. 😁😁

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Food Review: Zea popcorn, Chennai.

Zea Popcorns is one of these snack shacks kind of place that provides healthy and innovative snacks at very affordable rates. It is a pure vegetarian shack. Their range of Popcorns varieties is to die for, especially the fruit pops popcorn! Just look at those colours!

 P.C. Zomato India 

I again ordered my food in through Swiggy. I ordered the Cheese licks popcorn along with a veg quesadilla burger and a tandoori paneer wrap! 

The Cheese licks popcorn, lives up to its name perfectly. It comes in two sizes and I chose the smaller pack that cost me ₹50/- and it’s worth every bit of the money spent! I was actually licking my fingers clean and my daughter wouldn’t let go of it either! A perfect movie time snack! 

The veg quesadilla burger was really yummy too. The patty was rich and thick and was perfectly crispy. That along with the bell peppers, onions and yummy garlic mayo! Next thing to heaven! 

Finally the tandoori paneer wrap, was a little bit of a disappointment. The wrap bread (parata) was very very oily and tasted a little undercooked! The filling too was mostly oily and soggy! I don’t know if it was because I ordered for a delivery, the wrap got soggy by the time it reached me. I don’t think so cuz my order was delivered really quick! Taste-wise, it was ok but cannot be compared to the burger! 
Overall, Zea Gourmet is surely Foodtalkstic Approved! Such yummy food at such pocket friendly rates! It would be every college students haven! Even for people like me, it is pleasant to find such pocket friendly snack shacks. 

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Jovees Mini Fruit Facial Kit- Review

Hi Friends, 

I have been travelling around a lot lately which I’m sure you can see, with the decrease in my activity on WordPress! It was a very tiring trip and when I got back home, all I needed was a whole day of sleep and some spa time. Unfortunately, both weren’t possible, what with my darling baby around! 😝

So anyway, I did get some time to get to a facial at home. 

*Enter* Jovees Mini Fruit Facial Kit! 

This face pack is for skin rejuvenation as it says so on the pack. Nourishes and revitalizes skin with treatment inspired by the restorative fruits and plants. 

The pack consists 5 tubes- Face Wash, Face Scrub, Face Massage crème, Face Mask and Rejuvenating Face cream- it’s to be used in the same order. Each of this product is made of natural fruits and plant ingredients best suited for that purpose. 

  • Cleanser- Citrus and Blackberry concentrate 
  • Scrub- Honey and Almond 
  • Massage cream- Papaya and Pineapple 
  • Face pack – Apple and Avocado 
  • Rejuvenating cream- Tea Tree and Witch hazel 

So my Review: 

It is a really good pack with value for money too. 

Each and every product was completely up to mark. Especially the scrub was so rich and so creamy. I simply loved the aroma of the products and gets the job done marvelously. My skin felt more fresh and glowing after the complete regime. 

I got this pack from Health & Glow on the promotional offer of Buy 1 Get 1. The kit as such retails for just 175/- Rs. 

Kani’s View- It is a steal you guys. I can’t see any reason why you shouldn’t give it a try. 

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She was such a spoilt girl! 

She always wore tees and jeans 

Didn’t even know to drape a saree 

And that kept him so worried!

She didn’t even know how to cook 

she did learn to do so, quickly 

But kept saying he had to help! 

And that kept him irritated!

She used to be so pampered.

She wanted him to buy her gifts,

Even before she asked for it! 

And that kept him frustrated! 

She is well-educated 

Used to be so career oriented, 

Said she loved to earn some money just for herself! 

And that made him feel very unsettled!

She used to have opinions, 

She used to help him take decisions, 

She used to try solving his problems, 

She used to try teaching him things! 

But all that’s changed, 

And now he is very happy.

Now ‘THEY’ are very happy!

The shadow of a women living with him now,

Is completely of his making! 

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Restaurant Review- 80 Degrees East, Chennai!

This warm and cozy little café is located in the Nanganallur area, Chennai. It is comparatively a newly opened café and already it has gained a lot of attention and visibility (considering its location amidst a busy main Street). So, naturally I had to visit this café! 

P.C. Zomato India

At one glance anyone can agree that it’s a really small café. There are about 4 four seater tables, 3 two-seaters and a few high raise chairs by the entrance! So that could be one main reason why this place looks so crowded all the time! 

Even the menu card wasn’t ready yet at the time of my visit. They had stapled together a few sheets with the names of the dishes printed on them! But I really loved the words printed on the sides, it made me smile. 

We stuck to the basics while ordering. We chose Masala Chai and Desi Fries. 

The Chai (tea) was pretty amazing. It was perfectly hot and creamy at the same time it had the perfectly blended flavours of clove, cinnamon and elaichi. The aroma was divine. Coffee is easy, but getting a tea right is a pretty hard thing! I must say, 80 Degrees East did that job pretty perfectly!

And then these ‘Desi Fries’ which is supposedly the Indian brother of ‘French Fries’ (as mentioned in the menu!) 😂 
I pretty much expected some French Fries tossed in some Mexican spice mix. Don’t get me wrong but it’s what the spicy Fries in KFC, McDonald’s etc. are made of. They are not really spicy, just a little tangy! But 80 Degrees East got this one right too. Crispy fried French Fries coated completely with chilli powder and other Indian spices tossed together with fried curry leaves (gave the Indian touch). The aroma, flavours, touch & feel, everything was perfect!

Location- ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ambience- ⭐️⭐️

Food- ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Price- Moderate

I would surely say 80 Degrees East is Foodtalkstic Approved. I would go back in there all the time just for those spicy Desi Fries! 

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Look like Her #6- Anushka Sharma in Elle 18 eye drama advertisement. 

This one is inspired by Anushka Sharma in Elle 18 eye drama kajal advertisement. Seriously guys, there are just two actresses in whole of Bollywood who can pull off such edgy eye makeup- Anushka Sharma and Kareena Kapoor. Now, I tried a lot to find the advertisement online as well as look for pictures, but I dint find anything that perfect! 

Either way, I have roughly recreated the look, not exactly for sure. 

I even puffed up my hair and wore it back in a pony tail to make it look close enough as Anushka Sharma in the advertisement. 

It’s a very edgy and fun look that surely isn’t for an everyday make-up. But on special occasions, it does pay to dress up your eyes a little bit extra! 

I used the 2 in 1 Kohl and liner by The Body Shop and one super pointed eyeliner applicator, to create this look. First, I drew a faint outline of the look I was trying to recreate. Then I went over it carefully until I was happy with the look. 

The rest of the look decoded below-

Primer- Maybelline baby skin primer

Foundation- Maybelline Dream Satin liquid foundation

Concealer- Essence cover stick concealer 

Compact- Essence Camouflage 2 in 1 compact

Mascara- Maybelline False-up Pushies mascara first coat. Then a second coat of Lakme curling mascara.

Eye brows- Wet n Wild ultimate brow kit

Highlighter- Faces Ultimate glow highlighter

Lipstick- Maybelline colour sensational matte lipstick in the shade Lovely Violet. 

What do you guys think of this look? Lemme know in the comments below. 

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The Butter Thief.

She always hung the pot of butter,

Low enough for him to reach,

“Oh Krishna, you little thief!”

She smiled to herself.

 She never understood this deal,

How is it that whenever he steals,

The pot of butter never empties out,

Instead, Her harvest keeps increasing everyday!

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Sivanna Colours! 

Hello Friends, 

This post is going to be a little different. In this post, I’m gonna be sharing my views and just in general, talk about sivanna colours. It is very lesser known brand of cosmetics that has a wide range of products at very pocket friendly price. Sivanna colours is the result of French-Thai joint venture into providing quality cosmetics at affordable rates. 

Sometime back, I came across Sivanna’s Nude on Nude make-up palette while looking for lipstick palettes. This was at a time when brands like NYX, Milani, make-up revolution, L.A. Girl etc were not available in India. I was immediately intrigued by the product and it’s affordability, so I bought it. 

This palette has 20 eyeshadows and 10 lipsticks. I bought this palette for about 799/- Rs I think, I don’t remember now. Also this palette is not available anymore in India! 

Then, after a pretty long wait, cosmetic brands like NYX, Milani etc. Was finally made available in India. Just recently I noticed that the Sivanna’s Nude on Nude palette is just the same as NYX Nude on Nude make-up palette! 

So I went on and digged around the Sivanna’s products and started comparing them to products from other brands. Well, it’s safe to say that the developers at sivanna cosmetics do not have their own brain! They have simply copied the style and packaging of the cosmetics from other major drug store brands! But of course they cannot make up for the quality and that must be the reason for such low pricing! Check it out: 

Milani Rose Powder Blush- ₹1200/-

Sivanna Rose Powder Blush- ₹275/-

NYX Dreamcatcher palette- ₹1225/-

Sivanna matt palette- ₹525/-

NYX ultimate palette- ₹1725/-

Sivanna 12 colour palette- ₹450/-

These are not just it. Their single highlighters and blush palettes look exactly like the ones by Makeup Revolution. They also have these shimmer bricks palette that is exactly like the ones by Revlon or Bobbi Brown. And the list goes on……

And just for your information-The NYX Nude on Nude palette isn’t available anymore either. Currently it could be found only on and retails for ₹5500/- 😳😳

Have any of you tried cosmetics from sivanna colours? Would love to know what you thought of it! 

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Simple make-up look 3.

All you need is a little bit shine and little bit lustre! 

@maybelline baby skin primer and Fit Me foundation – 322

@wetnwildbeauty ultimate brow kit 

@nykaabeauty eyem black kajal

@lakmeindia absolute curling mascara

@kyliecosmetics peach eyeshadow palette – Crush and queen bee

@anastasiabeverlyhills Glow Kit highlighter-Amber Gold

@Maybelline baby lips cinnamon lip balm

Kurta from @reliancetrends

Earrings from @lifestyle Dubai